Writer: Lois

Australian journalist Anthony Klan reported in late 2020 that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Pakistan have secretly agreed to develop their bio-warfare capabilities with cooperation from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

The WIV is also suspected of being the birthplace of the COVID-19 virus.

Mr Klan states the three-year agreement between Communist China and Pakistan was signed between Pakistan’s defence, science and technology organisation and China’s WIV.

The two nations claim this endeavour is a mere research collaboration or a supposed research alliance on emerging infectious diseases. However, Mr Klan’s report states the two nations are attempting to hide this agreement from international scrutiny, suggesting a more sinister agenda behind the scenes.

The program will be entirely funded by the CCP, as Pakistan already operates mainly on funds from the communist regime. Furthermore, Pakistan already has several lethal pathogen research projects underway. According to the deal, China will be able to conduct tests in Pakistan involving biological agents.

According to the United States Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the COVID-19 virus also falls under the classification of a biological agent.

Mr Klan reported Pakistan is keeping civilians away from the project. He stated the project aim is anything but noble, as covert research will allow the CCP to conceal any dangerous, illegal experiments from the public. Furthermore, the research facility’s foreign location means the communist regime will avoid punishment or consequence if anything goes wrong with an experiment, like the triggering of another global pandemic.

Klan says the research will happen in labs with a lower biosafety level than the WIV biosafety level four facility involved with the COVID-19 pandemic. This means there are fewer stringent biosafety precautions for those who use these labs.

Lethal diseases with high transmissibility should only be researched in biosafety level four facilities, but it cannot be guaranteed the CCP will adhere to these rules. The WIV lab, thought to be the starting point of the pandemic, had a biosafety level of four, yet its safety standards were questionable.

In addition, Communist China is constructing another virus bank in Pakistan without the essential precautions. Pakistan is also allegedly conducting biological research in labs that lack the equipment to handle deadly biological agents properly.

Regardless of their Pakistan facilities’ safety levels, Communist China has already proven with the COVID-19 pandemic that its biological weapons research has sinister motives. It is also clear the Pakistan government is yet another puppet in the communist regime’s international collection.

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