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[May 1, 2021] Video translation

Hello, my esteemed fellow fighters, have you exercised yet? May 1st, brothers and sisters. Today is May 1st.

Currently, the domestic situation in China is very tense. You all have seen it. Everybody in the CCP knows that the battle between Zeng, Wang, and Xi has reached the mid-stage. Zeng Qinghong’s grandmother is from Fujian. Wang Qishan is a son of Shandong. Nutty Xi (Xi Jinping) is a son of Henan, and grew up in Shaanxi. This wave of competition between them has reached the most critical moment.

It has recently been made clear within the CCP. It is very clear that the CCP must fight this coronavirus battle cleverly. How to fight the coronavirus battle? By making the United States endorse the CCP, make the US say that the coronavirus is either leaked from the Wuhan laboratory, or that it came from nature and it has nothing to do with the CCP. If the United States endorses the CCP, the CCP can privately talk with the US, promise everything, and compromise anything economically. 

Alternatively, the CCP is prepared to attack Taiwan if the United States does not do as it wants, and to fight the US in Taiwan and in the South China Sea. The CCP is prepared to sacrifice 500,000 wolf-warrior soldiers from the CCP People’s Liberation Army (PLA), to bring down the current US administration and knock down the US economy. The CCP wants to draw the world’s attention to war in Taiwan and the South China Sea to distract from the coronavirus pandemic. 

What does this mean, brothers and sisters? It shows that the CCP knows that if the truth about the coronavirus is revealed it means the end of the CCP.

Meanwhile, the CCP wants to completely subdue India, to terrify Japan, and to frighten Australia. Make the US abandon the idea of holding the CCP accountable for the coronavirus pandemic. The truth about the virus must not be investigated, and there will be no possibility of an antidote. 

Of course, as soon as this strategy was revealed, Nutty Xi became a one-person captain. Zhongnanhai pit became Xi’s one-person pit. Because only Xi Jinping was left in this pit. All the CCP’s Standing Committee members ran away. They found all kinds of excuses to slip out and do not stay in Zhongnanhai Pit anymore. “Here you are. This place is all for you. For Xi Jinping alone. Let’s call it Xi’s one-man-pit. We give it to you now.” As I told you earlier, there are only two people with Xi in the entire Zhongnanai pit. Only two people whom Xi still trusts – Sissy Yang (Yang Jiechi) and Eunuch Wang (Wang Yi).

Currently, when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Finance make presentations to Xi (eg. the economic outlook report published in April) everybody says that you must not tell the truth. You must not tell the truth about Minsheng Bank, about Xu Jiayin and his Hengda Group, definitely don’t mention the troubles at China Merchant Bank, at Ping An Insurance, and particularly don’t mention the current economic situation in Hong Kong. Just make up all kinds of nonsense to deceive him. 

Now there is triumphant news coming out of the Middle East, and good news keeps pouring in from the Department of African Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.   This helps to cover up that the world is asking the CCP for the truth about coronavirus. The hatred towards the CCP is intensifying around the world. At the same time, Asians are being blamed for the pandemic. Everything is covered up. 

That’s why Nutty Xi is called “one-person Xi” now. His life is pretty good. He decided that the CCP has to go on the offence in the battle to reveal the truth about the coronavirus.  The strategy is to first to make India kneel down in order to make Japan feel terrified. If you do not back off, you will be next. Secondly, to make Australia terrified, otherwise, the CCP will give you a dose of “strong medicine”. Make the world pay attention. Have you seen what we can do? This is your destiny if you dare to confront us. This is the CCP’s strategy.

It is now clear to everyone that within the CCP, Zeng and Wang are challenging Xi. One side will fall, or all sides will fall. Zeng Qinghong is currently living in his grandma Deng Liujin’s hometown in Fujian. He has ideas. 

Xi holds two cards now: first he has a legal weapon, with which to control the country, in his hand – the military. Secondly, if this doesn’t work, he will attack Taiwan. But this is always a double-edged sword. What if the army does not obey his command? How can he be sure that the US won’t attack Beijing when he attacks Taiwan? 

But Xi’s inner circle believes that the United States can only fight proxy wars and never engages in head-on confrontations. Therefore, he feels that Americans definitely will retreat if the CCP sacrifices 500,000 Chinese soldiers. That is, the CCP thinks they can scare the Americans when they see the battlefield flowing with rivers of blood. The Americans will be allowed to kill Chinese soldiers. The CCP will sacrifice some Chinese children until the Americans become soft-hearted and lose their stomach for the fight. Then the US will let the CCP have their way in the end. 

This is the behavior of gangsters, mafia, and drug dealers. You give birth to dozens of children, throw out a few of them to be killed by the police, until the police themselves don’t dare continue and give you a break. Now we are talking about the death of hundreds of thousands, or a million people in Taiwan, and sacrificing half a million PLA soldiers, or the CCP’s Schutzstaffel. The Americans can destroy the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning (Varyag) and blow up Nanhai Airport. If that’s not enough, the CCP will let the Americans blow up bases in Hainan, Dalian, and Qingdao. Then it’s done. Okay? Just don’t hit us here in Beijing. 

Once this goal is achieved, Xi will have the upper hand. He can be spared to eliminate Wang and Zeng’s rival forces and takedown Jiang’s (Jiang Zemin) family without any problem. 

So, Xi’s current plan is to control the domestic economy, take whatever he can from whomever he can, and prepare for the worst moment to come. To put up a good fight of this “half-time” war he plans to make India kneel down, frighten Japan and Australia, and make the US tremble. This is what the CCP wants most. Once everything is okay externally, the CCP will either attack Taiwan, or solve its problems internally. 

This is what Xi is depending on. This year is the traditional Chinese year of Xin Chou (38th year of the 60-year cycle). It is really not an easy year. Now it has become Xi’s one-person pit, which is dangerous to him. He is all isolated, being cut off from others.

You all are familiar with the current Chinese economy. What is the current state of the Chinese economy? You can just check with your relatives in China. Will the bank lend to you when you apply for a loan? Everywhere in society, you can borrow money for 20% or 30% of interest. The whole world knows now that as long as the Chinese come to buy a house, they pay in cash, nobody applies for a loan, and there is no way to get a loan. In March alone, more than 100 billion funds fled to Canada. In the following two weeks of April, more than 60 billion fled to Canada again. Capital outflow.

The more important thing now is virtual cryptocurrency, including our Himalaya Coin. I believe that you all know about the Himalaya Coin (HCN). Large amounts of money have been spent on buying Himalaya Dollar (HDO), big money. I am not a shareholder who can make decisions, so I only give them advice. I told them you must be cautious. 

They are not willing to take the money, but there is no other way. Himalaya Exchange is a trading market open to all. Anyone can register to buy HDO and HCN. I suggested that the Exchange not accept investment from these people, but they had to in order to be legal. There is nothing we can do. You cannot refuse the money, right?  Can you refuse when someone rushes your door with cash?

In the past few days, a large number of companies from the CCP, from CCP China, these are really big companies, they are doing everything they can to buy the assets of one of our partners in Japan. Because Japan’s economy is now declining, the bubble will burst soon. 

The money that goes to Japan comes from the high-level CCP members. The money that comes to the US usually does not come from the high-level CCP members. Money that goes to Canada is from middle-level CCP members and entrepreneurs. A small part of those who go to Europe are high-level CCP members, but the rest are primarily entrepreneurs. What does this show? The rich people are running away, and the influential people are trying to hide their money. This is a definite sign of the impending collapse of any dynasty. 

Many shareholders of Minsheng Bank, and people with large loans, are all restricted from leaving the country. One of our fellow fighters said that he had been ordered to control more than 4,000 people related to Minsheng Bank in the past three weeks and had stopped more than 200 people at the border. Think about it, everybody. 

So, my fellow fighters, please cherish your free and safe days.  Now you won’t envy Jack Ma. You won’t covet Pony Jack Ma, will you? You won’t envy Dong Wenbiao anymore, will you? Because your good days have just begun. Appreciate the security and everything you have now. 

If you are a fellow fighter, you have the New Federal State of China, and you have our G-Series.  At this time, you must think more about Sara (VOG), which should make you calm down. Don’t be greedy, don’t be envious. Because countless bubbles will burst before the CCP collapses. Don’t try to squeeze in. Just as I said before: “don’t let your money and your children become the cannon fodder of the CCP”. Don’t do anything rash. Don’t be greedy. Please don’t reach for it. Is that okay, brothers and sisters?

The time is up. Everything has just begun.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm (TING GUO)