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Getter Video link: [April 30, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter [3rd]

[April 30, 2021] Video translation

I had my dinner and I’d like to have a few more words with everyone, because lots of things happened during this time. Since my last Getter was posted, many fellow fighters are saying that the volunteer work they did have not been counted like the former VOG where the work there were counted. I’ll repeat this one more time, brothers and sisters. Whichever farm you currently belong to, you must tell them about all the volunteer work you’ve done. If the farm does not reply to you, and what you are saying is true, then Brother Miles will definitely get to the bottom of it for you. I have to. That’s one thing. 

The other thing is, where do you lodge a complaint if your farm did not process your application? Just lodge it to me, ok? Just send it directly to me and I will resolve it for you. Don’t make it too complicated though. I won’t be able to read that much. Just say who you are, what volunteer work you do, which farm you applied through and that your application was ignored or not processed. Just send me these. Don’t make it too long, brothers and sisters. Don’t make it too long and I will handle it for you. That’s the first thing. The second thing that I want to tell everyone is: I trust that all of you can see that the most popular thing in the world now is to find the CCP’s antidote, and the other thing is our Himalaya Coin, isn’t it?

My doctor said, “Don’t smoke cigars. Don’t drink coffee. You are sensitive to these things!” I don’t believe that. I still smoke and drink. I don’t care about anything. In the past few days, the capabilities of our fellow fighters and their affection towards other fellow fighters have been revealed at this critical time. Some people only worried about their own stuff and forgot about their brothers-in-arms. Many people were like this. 

Many people ask why the HML Vancouver Sailing Farm has so many special offers, including the open recruitment of live broadcasters with $3000-4000 salary, whereas [the live broadcasters at] other farms are all volunteers. There have been many messages about this from yesterday till now. I’d like to answer you collectively because too many people sent me messages. Here is my reply: if any farm can find professional broadcasters like our most popular Feifei, Xiao Fuli, Little Sarah, Xiao Feixiang, Zheng Qin from Taiwan, William Wang, our beauty Tang Ping and all these new anchors, but cannot pay a few thousand dollars to cover their living expenses, if they need, then I’ll definitely bring these people away with me. G-TV should pay this money. Don’t regret at the time when I bring them away. We can’t be like the CCP who milks people and makes them work but leaves them with nothing to live on. How can we do this?

Therefore, the HML Vancouver Sailing Farm is an example. They can do this if they can find the resource. In addition to money, I gave them a few other special offers that were even more important. Why? I want the HML Vancouver Sailing Farm to be bigger and stronger. I can give the same offers to every single farm. The thing is, can you become bigger and stronger? Can you actually do it? Some farms could not grasp the investment opportunities for their brothers-in-arms. They received the money from their brothers-in-arms but couldn’t send it out. They could not resolve any issues when their brothers-in-arms have troubles. And troubles kept coming up. That doesn’t work.

The HML Vancouver Sailing Farm is a very good example. They will definitely make Canada the most important base of the Whistleblower Movement, making millions of Chinese realize that the CCP is a threat to them, and changing the 90% who do not dare to participate in the Whistleblower Movement’s mission of taking down the CCP by making them start to believe or know about us. [We should also] make those who do not dare and cannot [do anything], that is, those whose family have been kidnapped, to believe us that they should dare and should be able to [do something]. [We should] make those who do not believe in the Whistleblower Movement gradually know about us and start to believe in it. This is the essential obligation of all farms, which is to clearly convey [the message] about the cause of eliminating the CCP sought by the Whistleblower Movement and New Federal State of China (NFSC), and letting people live a decent and safe life. Many things that we’ve done in the past four years are the best evidence to this. 

With the establishment of the G-series now, the G-series is not just connecting our fellow fighters. [If the G-series is] just connecting our fellow fighters with me, then it’s nothing. [The G-series] connects the real swampland and the big crocodiles of the world and brings these people together with our fellow fighters. I don’t believe that any Chinese did that in the past, and I don’t believe anyone can do it in the foreseeable future. In the past few years, the Whistleblower Movement has shown everyone how it has put us overseas Chinese at the very center of the world stage, and that we have become one of the poles. We want more fellow fighters to join us.

What I desperately need now is the emergence of capable and kind people among our fellow fighters, more capable and kind people emerging from the G-series. We do have some experts and capable people among our current Getter and G-series engineers. I am deeply convinced that these people will emerge. I have a feeling that the real Chinese “Jack Ma” and “Ma Huateng” in the future will definitely come from here. I’m already begging them, “If one day you become the real Jack Ma and Ma Huateng under the sun, don’t forget to offer Brother Miles a job.” I would be the happiest, even if I have to clean your toilet, because you come from the Whistleblower Movement. This is what I hope the most.

Now our [Himalaya] embassy needs people urgently. G-News, G-TV, G-Coin need people urgently. G-Fashion and G-Clubs need people urgently. We now have all the people we need in the West. All of them are the best and the most high-end talents, but very few fellow fighters can participate in management. There are just not enough of them except for engineers. We can’t rely on westerners to give us food under their roof. It’s all their people. Why don’t we let these fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement join? The opportunities will be gone if you don’t join now. The opportunities will definitely be given to the children and family of our fellow fighters [if they are the right people]. Now half of the G-Fashion management comprises of our fellow fighters. There is none in G-Clubs, or strictly speaking, a not-very-useful half. There is none in G-Bank. They are very cautious, and we don’t have the ability, do we?

Now G-News is managed by our fellow fighters, and G-TV is mostly managed by our fellow fighters, but that’s not enough, there are not enough people. Administration, business management, sales talent, and another important role, a well-rounded CEO in our unique ideology. We really wish, I look forward to such a person appearing every day, and this is what I wish for the most. That’s why I’m telling you now that there will be a series of special offers for each farm. Are you capable of taking advantage of them or not? Can you bring them to a greater height of development? If you think about what you are doing today, in six months or a year’s time, you would think it is like a joke. It’s just like the “pro-democracy movement”. It was still around a few years ago, but today you can see that the pro-democracy movement is just a joke. They don’t even understand a thing.

How great is this strong counterattack Giuliani is having now? America’s big war will be in 2022. Remember only Miles Guo said that the two vice-presidents are both not easy to deal with. I can also tell you that our best outcome requires a big contest between the so-called conservatives and the so-called pro-communist in the United States in 2022. After the contest, the Capitol Hill, the White House, then the entire American media and the elite circle will wake up completely. The grass roots of America will realize that the Communist Party is a threat to them. The only solution to the virus is to find the antidote, then to find the cause and the culprit.

Look at those small countries, the 20 or 30 countries, the 50 or 60 countries that the CCP found [to ally with]. I said a year or half a year ago, that this is their strategy. [The CCP] wanted to play the United Nations (UN) card? The [Headquarter of the] UN is in New York. If America recognizes you [the UN], you are the UN; otherwise, the UN is nothing, not even a rubber stamp, right? In 2022, when the real United States [spirit], the American nationalists, the American conservatives and the real anti-CCP groups of the United States stand up, the UN and all international organizations in the world will be restructured because they have been infiltrated too much by the CCP.

Brothers and sisters, let’s take things more seriously. I’ll stop here. I have to go smoking now! 

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm (TING GUO)