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On May 2, China Chang’, the official microblogging site of the Communist Party of China’s Political and Legal Affairs Commission, posted a composite picture with the text “China ignites fire vs. India ignites fire”, implicitly mocking India’s ineffectiveness in fighting the epidemic. The “war-wolf style” post did not gain many supporters as before, but instead sparked public anger, accusing it of inappropriate remarks as an official media. Subsequently, the “China Chang’an Network” urgently removed it, igniting a new round of anger, with many netizens scolding: “Let everyone see such narrow-minded nationalism in the official media of the Central Committee of Political and Legal Affairs”, “You have the guts to post, but not to accept the people’s comments? The comments of the people? “

Image: Internet(Indian custom of cremating the dead by setting up firewood)

According to Agence France-Presse, citing Apple Daily, on WeiBo today the Chinese Communist Party’s ChangAn website wrote, provocatively: “China Ignites Fire VS India Ignites Fire.  Everyday India confirms 400,000 coronavirus cases increased.” Then below it was a composite picture. The picture on the left was the scene of the Chinese Communist Party’s rocket launch, and on the right was the photo of the dead bodies of India’s cremation. The meaning of the pictures and texts was quite obvious, CCP’s epidemic situation was under control, it even had spared time to participate in the space race, and the fire was used to launch rockets. However, due to the ineffective fight against the epidemic in India, a large number of people died from the epidemic, and the fire was used to burn the dead.

Such a cold-blooded post was an attack by the CCP on India. It’s consistent with the CCP’s diplomatic style, called the “Wolf War”. In the past, such posts would attract the CCP ‘s advocates, especially triggering and stirring nationalism, but this time it did not. Although a few CCP advocates left comments, they got rebutted by the majority. Many criticized the CCP’s Political and Legal Committee’s practices, believing that “it’s inappropriate to post it on an official account. You can ridicule India’s Prime Minister Modi, but these are ordinary people and victims”.  “As an official media, it is really inappropriate to deliver such content”.

Amidst the anger of readers, the CCP’s ChangAn website hurriedly concealed the post, but failed to satisfy the netizens. The CCP not only failed to suppress the scolding, but instead it set off another wave of anger. Readers scolded and mocked: “Human lives are higher than politics. We don’t think applauding the deaths of innocent people can promote national prestige.”

“Let everyone understand the cold-blooded and narrow-minded CCP propaganda. Posted it but scared to accept the people’s comments. As the official WeiBo website of the State Political and Legal Affairs Commission of the Communist Party of China, your remarks were really embarrassing. Was there basic human compassion?”

“The suffering of civilians could be used as a tool for you to show off? Someone has even reported to WeiBo that this post was “promoting hatred” and “regional discrimination.”

The report said that some supporters still tried to help smooth over the situation, but failed to turn the situation around: “Their officials don’t give Chinese (communist) people any lip service,” “They mock us both civilly and officially,” and “What did you say when your neighbor’s family killed your family? What did you say when the neighbors killed your family members?”

In addition, CCTV News Network only reported yesterday that President Xi Jinping sent a message of condolences to the Prime Minister of India regarding the epidemic in India. Really? It sounded quite the contrary.


中国政法委文点火批印度防疫不力却惹中国网民轰无胆接受人民评论 (

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