Author: BlueBear Edit: Summer

Video Processing: Wenzhi Video Script: Summer

If you think the Chinese “cultural-revolution” was in the past, you might think about a more ominous reality. In this video, it showed that a group of swimmers who engaged in atypical warm-up exercises before swimming. While playing the energetic beats for stretching exercises, they chose a Communist cultural-revolution style of soundtrack to get their blood pumping. Revolutionary background music with lyrics, “Praising Red Sun (Chairman Mao is the Red Sun Great Leader),” “Loving the Chinese Communist Party (CCP),” might motivate them to get more out of their workout. Following the musical rhythms, they immediately stretched their arms and stamped their feet in unison in order to show their filial piety to Chairman Mao and the Chinese Communist Party.

Undoubtedly, upbeat gym background music or inspirational sports songs can enhance people’s athletic performance. Music is so powerful because it can let people express their inner thoughts, feelings and non-verbal communications. Music is the ultimate and intrinsic expressions of human while song is a catalyst that allows people being “in the zone” or in the spellbinding condition. However, what if music is dedicated to manipulate inner thoughts and feelings? What if a dance is used as an integral brainwashing tool? What if a soundtrack is performed in order to idolize the tyrannical political leader? What if a song is used as political means that can keep people ignorant collectively?

Expressing their loyalty and to the CCP, some people living in an authoritarian China continuously praise the “Great Leader, Mao”. It is unthinkable that people are completely ruled by the dictatorship ideology of the communism. They have been brainwashed and synchronized their body movements while they are listening to the CCP’s cultural-revolutionary style songs in the video. Under the collective conscious effort of brainwashing, people are used to the powerful tempo of music from the communist social campaign. When people share common values and attitudes in socialization, in this case, the swimming gathering event, they obviously share a core value that is oriented to worship the communist ideology. By demonstrating cultural revolutionary style dancing and appreciating the Red Sun and the Communist Party, these people display their loyalty to the communism in public.

In reality, however, the absolutism of the CCP has been forcing people to adopt its totalitarian ruling by all means. It turns people into political and social slaves who have learned or reeducated to obey to the CCP unconditionally. They have been brainwashed in the communist cult-like environment in “Red Sun” China. The CCP not only monopolizes the political, economic, cultural, educational, social media factors but also absolutely controls the ideological factors, such as equality, liberty and justice to name a few, in general population. In addition, the CCP’s threat of brainwashing is intoxicating which is a social-psychological phenomenon that has altered a person’s mind and behavior. Unfortunately, some people are not aware of the multi-dimensional deprivation from the CCP. The CCP dominate people’s thoughts through repeated exposure to the communist propaganda. People are not ruled by their own wills nor behaved according to their own interests because they are being conditioned throughout life. By revealing the truth of hypnosis like brainwashing of the communism, people can see the true face of the CCP’s mind-control weapon that is continuously haunting people in China.

【Video Script】

Chinese “cultural-revolution” version No. 2 is an ominous reality now as the CCP tightens control of Chinese people’s ideological minds under Xi’s leadership.  Chinese people’s lives are blown with all kinds of propaganda materials including news, music and dances.  They are filled with the communism doctrine and its iconic characters.  

A group of swimmers who marched in PRC’s style into the pool area, and engaged in atypical warm-up exercises that were obviously rehearsed many times. The soundtrack in the background is “the sailing of the sea depends on the helmsman, the growth of everything depends on the red sun”.  It’s one of the most popular “red songs” composed in 1960s around the culture revolution time.  RED SUN is a well known indication of the CCP leader Chairman Mao.  Other lyrics are like this, “Chairman Mao’s deep thoughts leads our revolution” and “the Chinese people cannot survive without the Communist Party.”

For some people living under such regime, it is “SAFE” and “REWARDING” to show your royalty to the CCP party and Xi, regardless of whether they hold true belief of it.


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