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Getter Video link:[April 29, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

[April 29, 2021] Video translation

Hello, esteemed fellow fighters, it is April 29th today.

There is light rain falling here, so beautiful. This kind of air is really comfortable. Only in countries in Europe and the US can I be very clear-headed after three or four hours of sleep, but I must meditate. But in China, I must sleep three to five hours, plus meditation, sometimes my mind is still not clear. This is due to the difference in air quality. 

In the US, I can fall asleep quickly as soon as I touch the pillow and the bed. However, there were several times that I had severe insomnia after being bullied. I was threatened by the CCP many times and intimidated by those pseudo-pro-democracy bullies so that I couldn’t sleep. Other than that, I just fall asleep when I touch my pillow. I am this kind of person. So, the air quality in the US is really good.

Since I sent out the Getter yesterday, brothers and sisters, you can see that this world is changing with each passing day. It is impossible to describe it. In just three days, more than 5,000 people have registered for the Himalaya dollar account.  Now I heard that more than 9,000 people have successfully registered their accounts. Whether they can pass the KYC is still under review. 

There is no other system in the world that meets this standard, and the Himalaya Exchange system runs very smoothly. The investment institutions, as well as the legal department, are very proud. It is great. We should congratulate them. Himalaya dollar has gone online successfully, a huge online success.

Not only that, brothers and sisters, we have also seen the biggest change from yesterday to today. The CCP is currently uniting some countries in the world to form an alliance. Almost all these countries have a population of less than 5 million people. The CCP and the united alliance will demand the “truth” about the coronavirus. We want to take down the CCP with the truth about the virus, but the CCP wants to take down the US by spreading fake facts of the virus. They are going to ask: “what is the truth? The virus is coming out of the US lab, so let’s go after the Yankees.” The CCP is uniting small countries with a population of less than 5 million. Can you see how absurd the CCP is?  

Last night I chatted for a while with a senior sociologist from the CCP who is now living overseas. He said: “Have you noticed, Wengui? In the past year, there is only one voice in the whole of China.” This voice is from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from Sissy Yang (Yang Jiechi) and Eunuch Wang (Wang Yi). Then there is some noise from Jin Canrong, Zhang Zhaozhong, and a few others, e.g., Di Dongsheng (three of the CCP’s well-trained propaganda braggers). He asked me, “Have you heard other voices?” I said: “you are right.” 

He continued, “Wengui, during most of modern history, during the democratic society after the industrial civilization, and even in the society of the feudal emperors, there were still ministers from left and right, as checks and balances. There were multiple voices. At the earliest time in Chinese history, in the Spring and Autumn Period, a hundred schools of thought had already been promoted, right? This society we are in now has no vitality, so this society is dead.”

There is another issue. History teaches us that when there is only one voice in a country, something terrible will happen. He is right. He said that he watched Lude’s interviews, the Whistleblower Movement, and our G-TV programs every day. He doesn’t watch anything else except us. He watches every day, on his mobile phone, on his computer, even his family is watching. He said that now they had a better understanding of the CCP. The CCP are not only liars but also very low-level liars. Therefore, he entirely agrees with our assessment of the CCP that “they rule the country with a mafia-style police state, deceit and falsehoods.”

Recently, he has had a close relationship with governments all over the world on the virus issue. Because he originally worked at a CCP think tank, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He said that Westerners are quietly collecting and sorting out all kinds of evidence, including collecting and obtaining evidence of different variants of the virus all over the world. I can only tell you this much. 

He said that this move is exactly the opposite of the CCP’s actions. The CCP uses diplomacy, a loud voice, and foreign propaganda to solve the problems of the origin of the virus and the truth about the virus. While the West uses science, evidence, current affairs, laboratory verification, and expert opinions from all over the world to figure out the truth about the virus and the origin of the virus. This is totally different approach. 

Is this why China can’t even build a car wheel until now? They copy everything from other people. Because we never want to do original work, nor do we believe in originality. We don’t want to know the truth. We just want to replace creativity with concepts and replace the intellectual property with plagiarism. 

So, the whole of China practices grabs. What is grabbing? It is a “buy daddy culture” (reference is to feigning intimacy with someone only to get what you need).

I said before that the “buy daddy culture” prevailed in Chinese architectural circles. They are all about looking for architects from other countries, looking for Western architects. Almost all buildings in China are copied from the West or designed by Western architects. This is called “buy daddy culture.” The same is true in the fashion industry, and in the scientific and technological world. Now in terms of the virus, the “buy daddy culture” still applies. 

This is totally ignorant, without any sense of responsibility, without any moral and legal constraints. How can such a political party and such a national ideology be good? How can there be a future? 

When I talked with a business partner from Taiwan about the issue of Taiwan, this friend said something very truthfully. He said that Taiwanese people had been frightened for decades. This is not the first time they have been intimidated. He said that the vast majority of Taiwanese people had adjusted their mental state. Now they would rather fight with the CCP, fight to the death than kneel to the CCP. In Taiwan, they realize that only by following the United States can the CCP be taken down. 

He talked about why Taiwan didn’t want reunification with China. The unwillingness to reunify is because the CCP is in power. If China enjoyed the rule of law, democracy, and human dignity like in Western society. If the people elect their government by the principle of ‘one person one vote’. If the country belonged to the people, not just a few ruling families. If the country changed from “one family dominating the whole nation” to “common people controlling the whole nation,” then the Taiwanese would be willing to return to China. 

If the Chinese were allowed to have elections based on ‘one-person, one-vote’, and if there was an independent legal system in China, I believe that the vast majority of Hong Kong people would be willing to reunite with China. A sincere reunion with the extended family, both mentally and physically.

Economically, what is the current state of China’s domestic real estate market? A certain US think tank will meet somewhere in the United States next Tuesday to discuss what will be the impact on the world if China’s economy collapses. I may attend the meeting through a video call. They want me to attend in person, but I will not go because the virus is too scary. 

This is the national danger that faces India, which is in hell now, Japan which is in the middle of the crisis, Europe, which has just emerged from its own problem. Brazil, and the United States, which has just recovered. Now they are already confronted with the arrival of the world economic crisis brought by the CCP. Therefore, you see that all financial markets in the United States are now on the eve of inflation, on the eve of collapse. You have also noticed that cryptocurrencies have become safe-havens, gold remains strong, and bulk trade has had ups and downs.

Now let’s think about how fragile the world economy is. If there is a disturbance in the Suez Canal and the Strait of Malacca, oil prices will rise. It will intensify inflation and aggravate the entire adjustment of the world economy. The volatility of virtual currency and cryptocurrency have scared Americans to death, and they want to replace it with something more stable. Bitcoin will eventually be eliminated, and then other cryptocurrencies will rise.

In the end, the United States has no choice. It must develop its own cryptocurrency because it cannot lose this battle. If you were told you had to move to the suburbs in order to save the planet, you would have no choice no matter how much you didn’t want to. It would be inevitable. Accepting cryptocurrency is also inevitable. We must accept a future that we cannot change. It is impossible to kill cryptocurrency, but some cryptocurrencies will definitely be eliminated.

Therefore, the arrival of the Himalaya Coin, the Himalaya Dollar, and the Himalaya Reserve is perfectly timed. The design of our Himalaya-series is superior in terms of: its legal compliance; its modern encryption properties; its foundation in blockchain technology; its connection with gold; and the significant global demand which is already becoming evident. There is no other choice for the world.

That’s it for today. I have to stop now. I still have many things to share with you. Let us find another time. Thank you.

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