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Himalaya Coin

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In Just A Few Taps,


Himalaya Coin & Himalaya Dollar.

Himalaya Exchange is the world’s first true crypto ecosystem.

Driven by our mission to give you back the power and redefine currency.

We want you to elevate with us. Himalaya Dollar and Himalaya Coin are how we’ll take you to the top.

It’s time to empower yourselves. The future is here for everyone – borderless, inclusive and secure. Trade anywhere, anytime on the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange.

These are the first lines of the front page of Himalaya Exchange website where you can buy H Dollar and H Coin.

Our beloved Miles Guo announced that

1. Himalaya Coin(H-Coin) has officially launched on April 21. And it applied for patents in over 100 countries around the world and is the highest level of security ever. It is the only Chinese cryptocurrency that makes westerners believe that it is a cryptocurrency without communists, an absolutely safe and law-abiding currency.

The significance and encryption ability of the H-Coin and future payment system, as well as the future exchange with the US dollars, can definitely be history-making. The Chinese Communist Party’s digital currency (DCEP) is total nonsense and totally incomparable with ours.

We are the only financial platform with stabilized coins, fluctuated and modernized crypto in a civilized society guaranteed by the laws with tremendous significance. On April 21, it was launched and already has financial licenses from five countries, and the US payment system was approved.

(By the way, H Coin is Himalaya Coin. The Himalayas is the highest mountain peak in the world. It is the ultimate goal of Whistleblower Movement, that is to realize democracy, Rule of Law and Freedom in China. Eliminate the CCP, and to establish the New Federal State of China. The first syllable of Himalaya in Chinese is Xi, which means Good Luck. So it is the new digital Currency for Good Luck.)

2. The White Paper of Himalaya Coin is the best one in the world, and the H-Coin, H-Dollar, H-Reserve will change the financial system, the CCP failed to do it, but we did it.

This is the only cryptocurrency that Chinese (1.4 billion) people have internationally recognized by Western civilized countries.

This is a modern encrypted digital currency without the CCP, which is absolutely safe and law-abiding. It has the strictest KYC in the world.

From today onwards, there will be no G coins, only Xi Coin, Xi Dollar, the father of XiCoin is Himalaya Reserve.

That’s so great! Said Miles Guo: Only Xi Coin, Xi Dollar, Xi system and Himalaya Reserve, can put stable and floating coins together.

HiCoin is not an ordinary encrypted virtual currency which is accepted by the Western civilized world and Western laws.

It is the only virtual currency which divides stable and floating coins with Himalaya Reserve and solid gold as backup payments.

It is the only financial modern encrypted virtual financial system platform with full-featured, and a modern currency system.

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