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One of the biggest hypocritical crony capitalist Jack Ma who disguise himself as an ultra-rich from scratch call the abnormal “996 work schedule” employment standard as employee’s blessing. His words towards “996 work schedule” employment standard undoubtedly aroused massive public outrage. We must discuss what is “996 work schedule” employment standard and why it is slavery.

Considering that some readers of this article are new, they may misunderstand my political position. I firmly support capitalism. And I strongly against any kinds of socialism, especially Marxism-Leninism.  I also strongly against Chinese crony capitalism which is whitewashed by the CCP as the “Socialism with Chinese Communist Party Characteristics”.

If a capitalist tells you to “work hard together”, it is most likely a slogan.  A considerable percentage of capitalists like to motivate employees with that kind of slogan. The question is: when the enterprise becomes bigger and stronger in the future, when it comes to “share the wealth”, when it is time to “divide the cake”, whether the boss is willing to share the profit with the employees is solely depends on the capitalist. There is nothing wrong to encourage employees and the employer is not obliged to share any extra profit. In summary, all these slogans are just words, don’t take them too seriously. Never Put your hopes for the future on this very ethereal thing. The most reliable thing is your own ability especially your core competitiveness.

Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba is a promoter of  “996 work schedule” employment standard and his excuse is exactly let’s “work hard together”. The “996 work schedule” employment standard stands for working 6 days per week and work from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The worst part is, in most cases employee salary stays the same despite the long working hours.

Why the “996” employment standard has become more common in Communist China?

There are many reasons for this, the most important one is the labor costs are rising significantly. “996” employment standard is entrepreneurs’ response to the labor costs hype. Thus, entrepreneurs in China should not take all the blame. The root of the problem lies in the CCP.

Capitalists has to respond to rising labor costs because capitalists who cannot solve the cost problem will soon be eliminated from the market. In some industry, “Industrial automation” can be used to cope with increasing labor costs but in most other cases for the time being, there is no mature industrial automation to realize the replacement of people. Significantly extended the working hours becomes the solution. When the number of employees is constant, increasing the working hours of each employee will not change the social security cost, but the labor output will increase. Even if “overtime pay” is paid for overtime, the increased labor output will still be significantly greater than the overtime pay. In many companies that have the right influence from Chinese Communist Party, they do not even pay overtime, so the net income is even more significant.

Social security cost is one of the major factors in rising labor costs. Why does the CCP want companies to pay such a high proportion of social security? There are also many reasons. For the purpose of discrediting the CCP, I will only talk about two of them.

First: The Chinese Communist Party has a very large number of civil servants to feed. In some areas, there are over 100 government agencies at the county level. Civil servants do not pay social security cost. Of course, the CCP must snatch money from private companies to make up the cost.

Second: Changes in population structure. The CCP has run out of China’s demographic advantage due to the evil national policy of Family Planning. Family Planning has been implemented unremittingly for 40 years. The labor force is decreasing every year. Thus, the pressure on social insurance is increasing day by day. However, the damage caused by Family Planning is irreparable. Social insurance cost has become a time bomb in Chinese society.

How does the “996” employment standard enslave Chinese workers?

The “996” employment standard reduces employees’ spare time and prevents workers to learn new skills. Most people know that working overtime means less spare time. The reduction in spare time means that you have less time to invest on your own and improve your abilities. If your ability is not improved, your “bargaining power” in the market will not be improved. Then you must continue to accept this perverted working time. This is a vicious circle. If you fall into it, you will become more and more unable to extricate yourself.

When workers unable to improve their skills and experience. They will have to stay in the “996” working environment. They will become easier to control because they do not have time to think about their right.

 “996” employment standard is allowed to happen in China is because the CCP do not allow any union to fight for workers’ right. All the existing union in China are all controlled by CCP. The CCP is the source of Chinese suffering.