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COVID19 was leaked out of a lab from Wuhan, China. The logic is sound, first he said this lab in Wuhan was built by the US, because the fund was from NIH, US, right? Then, they argue that it was leaked from Wuhan. Every word is correct. Every logic is sound, attacking both sides. The article from CCP only cuts part of the content. They got pretty excited and says:” oh, maybe leaked from a US lab”.

They did not translate the whole article. The original article said this was from a US lab in Wuhan. He said, US is building labs all over the world. Who built the P4 lab in Wuhan? This is US lab, because US funded it. He said apparently, the virus was found in Wuhan, but who actually own the Wuhan lab? It is NIH, Dr Facui, do you know that? His point is since US and US allies kept silent on this. US kept silent, so you can draw this conclusion. Apparently, this is leaked from one of their global labs. He did not say that was US lab

The point here is US build labs around the world. Wuhan lab was funded by US money of NIH. The logic is sound. First, he said this is man-made, second, he said as for whether this is from lab or nature. Russians know it already, they figured out. Then, he agrees that was leaked from Wuhan lab. Thirdly, he said the money to fund the Wuhan lab was from the US.

All the chain of logic is so great, and US is way too big. Because US is not like CCP, one party to represent a whole country. US is too complicated. This is correct as well. The NIH from US supported it. So, the whole world needs to hold US accountable for all the losses. Because this is funded by NIH money.