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On April 27, 2021, the Russian news agency TASS reported that the Chairman of Russia’s Lower Parliament House (State DUMA) Vyacheslav Volodin said that coronavirus might have escaped from US facility. The influential political commentary of Lude Media dedicated almost the whole episode on April 28th to carefully dissect Volodin’s claims and pointed out the possible impacts this new development might have on the dynamics of power struggles among China, Russia, and the USA.

According to Volodin, “Since the client states of the United States are silent and the United States itself remains mum as well, one conclusion could be logically drawn: obviously, this is because of a leak from one of the laboratories they have set up across the globe. It would be right for the government to raise these matters.” In addition, Volodin implied that the United States should “compensate all those countries for the losses they have sustained.” “The virus was found in Wuhan. But whose laboratory is it? It’s an American one, financed by America,” he concluded. He urged the United States to halt research that might have spawned the COVID-19 outbreak (TASS).

The news has been spreading quickly in the state media of the CCP. However, most of the articles in the state-censored media omitted critical information about Russia’s claims. Lude showed an article in Chinese from that only emphasized coronavirus’ leak from a US facility and Volodin’s demand that the US should compensate for the losses caused by the virus, but completely ignored Volodin’s reference to Wuhan laboratory. It is extreme likely that the omission is willful and intentional and is designed to mislead the mainland Chinese audience inside the CCP’s firewall. Out of eagerness to exonerate itself, the CCP is clearly willing to spread any fake news.

Commentators from Lude Media (Mr. Lude, Dr. Mo, and Ms. Hong An) demonstrated the logic behind Russia’s new strategy. On the surface, Russia is not taking aim at the CCP. The demand for compensations for covid losses is directed toward the US, not the PRC (People’s Republic of China). The CCP seemingly has not seen the danger lurking in Russia’s new stance on the origin of the virus, or simply is indulging in self-deception: Firstly, Volodin, as a high-profile Russian official, openly denied the natural origin of the coronavirus while the CCP still insist on its natural origin theory.  Secondly, Russia blamed America for the coronavirus’ leak, but clearly stated that the lab from which the virus escaped was in China. Russia just set a trap for the CCP.

Russia’s Strategy is ingenious because it serves to kill two birds with one stone. Both the CCP regime and the United States are put in the same boat: Neither of them can simply deny its culpability. Both China and the US must come clean and prove their innocence if they are indeed not guilty. As former aide President Vladimir Putin, Volodin is close to Putin and this strategy is likely the brainchild of Putin, according to Dr. Mo.

Volodin claimed that America financed Wuhan lab. “America” is a complicated concept. It can mean so many different agencies. This claim is ambiguous, perhaps intentionally so. This ambiguity gives the administration the protection of plausible deniability. Russia seemed to give the US some room to maneuver. Will the United States make up its mind and start rigorously looking for the truth? Will the CCP finally come clean and stop hiding the facts on the origin and spread of the deadly virus? Apparently, Russia became impatient. It created a scenario that make inaction impossible for both China and the US, according to Lude Media.

American taxpayers’ money was used to fund Wuhan lab through National Institutes of Health (NIH). When the lab origin is confirmed, the American people will need to ask some tough questions: How much of NIH funds is used to support the research in Wuhan lab? How much did the CCP PLA (People’s Liberation Army) invest in the research and development of coronavirus? How much did Fauci know? How much does Daszak know?

According to Lude, conscientious scientists have a choice: they either go down history as war criminals in the unrestricted biological warfare against humanity or come clean and become witnesses to the crimes of the CCP and its accomplices. Lude is optimistic that many scientists will choose the latter. Lude Media highly recommended Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s three reports on the coronavirus and Dr. Lawrence Sellin’s tweets if one decides to seek the truth.

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