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[April 28, 2021] Video translation

Hello, my esteemed fellow fighters. Today is April 28. Gee, how time flies. 

The day before yesterday, regarding the 93rd Academy Awards winner Zhao Ting, I posted an opinion about her parents’ success in her education.

Later, many of our fellow fighters sent me messages. Our dear brothers and sisters pointed out what Zhao Ting’s father’s background is, her grandmother’s background, and her grandfather’s background. They told me who her father is and who her stepmother is. The implication was that she won the golden statute because she is from the second generation of an elite family within the CCP. That is what everybody means.

You think her success was related to her stepmother Song Dandan (a famous actress in China). Right? Or that it was due to her father’s position as the leader of Shougang Group, or her grandmother’s background. Many people have sent me information about these opinions. Some also expressed their opinion that what your brother-7 said about how parents should educate their children is incorrect.

Let me tell you this, and you should keep this in mind: you might be in a situation where external pressure makes you lose your way, and makes you unable to determine good from evil, or truth from what is false. An external force might cause that. Alternatively, if you have problems of your own, that is your problem.

How many people in China have famous parents themselves or famous grandparents? I would be impressed with Wang Qishan if his adopted daughter Sun Yao, his illegitimate son Guan Jun, or the yet unrevealed Liu Chengjie, won the Oscar. I know, Zhao Ting is close to many CCP officials’ descendants. Also, many of my friends are close to her. Zhao Ting herself managed to escape from the filthy surroundings to avoid her “downfall.” Usually, the descendants of these corrupt CCP officials live like zombies. What is the difference between them and soulless shells? They live in the shadow of the descendants of the rich, or CCP officials, without their own thoughts, like zombies. Why did Zhao Ting win the Oscar? Why was she able to make a movie like that?

Everybody should take a look at this movie. It is even more remarkable if a descendant of corrupt CCP officials, a descendant of the rich, had children like Zhao Ting in their families. I have more admiration for Zhao Ting’s parents and her grandparents, who are part of the CCP’s evil system, and I have more respect for Song Dandan, her stepmother. Isn’t it even more extraordinary to have a child who lives soberly, who doesn’t become a slave to drugs, sex, money, and social relationships when she arrives in the West, who can develop into what she is like today, and who can make a movie like this?

I’ve met many amazing people, like Hu Zhizhi, granddaughter of Hu Yaobang (a high-ranking official of the PRC, who held a top position in the CCP from 1981 to 1987). She is now the chairman of Credit Suisse for Asia. When you meet Hu Zhizhi, you will see that she is different from many of the descendants of CCP officials. I have met many descendants of the CCP elite families, but Hu Zhizhi knows that she must adhere to verifiable information in the banking business and not cheat people, which at least makes her friends. I can see that a member of the Hu family, a woman like Hu Zhizhi, is very different. Her greatness is not because she comes from the Hu family, but because she comes from a renowned family and is good at what she does. That’s what makes her great.

With respect to Zhao Ting, many people in Zhongnanhai (Beijing) sent me messages yesterday, saying: “Hey, Lao Guo, why did you talk like that?” I told them: “you were just fucking envious, jealous and hateful, right? Although you once lived in Zhongnanhai, did your family have a granddaughter like Zhao Ting? Did you have a daughter like her? Or have you ever had a son equal to her in your family? You people always rely on your privilege, even to choose a daughter-in-law or marry your daughter to a man who might not want to? Wasn’t it true that somebody married your daughter just for a chance to access the power system of Zhongnanhai? Why could your family not come up with a director like Zhao Ting? You’re thinking about the elite, and that rabble, merely reflects the essence of your judgment.”

It was not easy for Zhao Ting to speak the truth and make such a film at NYU exactly because she has such a background and experience. Her movie itself was not that remarkable. It was the fact that she spoke the truth and boldly did what people should do that made her unique. Moreover, she came from a corrupt system, not a normal family, from a devil’s environment, which made her even more remarkable. Therefore, we can infer that her parents or grandparents, who were once in the system, still retain the fundamentals of ordinary kind people.

What the older generation is afraid to do, the younger generation did, which is all the more admirable. So, what’s the problem? Is there anything wrong with that? Why don’t any of you have such children that are so capable? Is it because your family members, grandparents, were not officials in the CCP’s Central Organization Department? Is it because none of your stepmothers in your family are Song Dandan, or because nobody’s father was a leader of Shougang Group? Is that why your family’s children cannot become Hollywood directors and win the Golden Statute? Was Zhao Ting wrong only because of the background of her family? You must be kidding.

Whoever wins this Golden Statute is purely standing for an award. Especially when the world is hostile to Asian people, hostile to the Chinese people, Zhao Ting has played an immeasurable role in reducing the negative impact. She is a hero, an individual who has succeeded. There was never such a precedent, but there might be more examples to follow. It was a positive start. Too many people envy, and are jealous of Zhao Ting. Too many people also assume that CCP family members are all bad. As I said in court the other day, and I repeat here, more than 90 percent of CCP members are good people who follow the CCP only because they need to survive. Some people pretend they are different. But if you had an opportunity, I bet you would not miss the chance.

A particular military chief said to me, “Ah! Because her family has money and power.” I said: “aren’t you rich and powerful? Didn’t your daughter-in-law cheat on your son. Didn’t your daughter also cheat on your son-in-law? They have all that time to spend in promiscuous relationships. Why don’t they work on a Hollywood movie or engage in some artistic activities instead?”

I admire those who have an artistic conscience, because most of the art world has been bought, and kneels to the capital.

Let’s leave this topic here for now, and we will talk about – sorry, I have a sensitive nose. My favorite flowers are in full bloom all around my house, but my nose gets sensitive whenever I get close to them. I’m very sorry, but it sounds rather sexy, right?

I want to say something about the current situation of taking down the CCP.

Many people feel excited to see that Japan is acting, that India is fighting back, that Australia is in vocal protest again, and that the US is about to take some action. I tell you this, my fellow fighters: none of these matters! I must be honest with you that this is all superficial. Do you understand? Even if India has more people who died because of the CCP-virus, India will not have the ability, or guts, to act against the CCP. Japan is a country that does not dare to act against the CCP, no matter how much it thrashes around. Think for yourself. If there is a military conflict between Japan and the CCP, Japan will be no match for the CCP. That’s for sure. We should not fool ourselves. Also, although Europe has made some comments, it will not act against the CCP now. If the US does act, it will not be possible to strike the CCP militarily. After all, the CCP has nuclear weapons and millions of troops. Most critically, the CCP controls 1.4 billion ordinary people (Lao Bai Xing), which is why it can play hooligan without scruples.

Your brother-7 said six months ago: “the next country to have a virus outbreak will be India.” At that time, when somebody said India was fine, I said, “You’re full of shit.” This round, the virus is starting from India, then Japan and Australia, and finally the UK and the US. There is no doubt that these countries will be under attack by the virus one after another.

What’s the result? The world will continue paying. The clear-headedness required for the world to destroy the CCP, and to separate the Chinese people from the CCP, is not yet imminent.

I think that the most critical moment will arrive after the US mid-term elections in 2022. Until then, the US and Europe will continue paying the price. Democracies like Japan and India, other countries with 2.8 billion Catholics and Christians, civilized nations, not like the rogue states that the CCP represents, still have to suffer more before doing what we think they will do.

Oops. Do you understand that? So, our fellow fighters should never be naive or anxious. Since the CCP has been brutalizing and abusing the Chinese people for over 70 years, we are a bit naive to be prepared to take it down in 1500 or 1700 days. Everybody should be more patient. The CCP will undoubtedly be destroyed in a very crisp and clean way, but there is no rush.

I have to stop recording here for today because I have reached the 10-minute limit for a Getter recording.

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