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In recent years, air pollution in mainland China has become more and more serious. In order to reduce air pollution index level, the CCP authorities have used various methods to falsify air quality data. Putting “masks” on environmental monitoring detector is just one example.

The CCP authorities have no way to deal with air pollution. In order to achieve air pollution reduction targets, local governments have applied various kinds of “methods” on air pollution data. On April 28,  the director of Yaomeng Sub-district Office, Pingdingshan City in Henan Province, Liu Sufang, deputy director Yu Honglei, and head of the Environmental Protection Agency Wang Junkui were charged of the fraudulent practices, it’s exposed in a report by the Henan Commission for Discipline Inspection.

According to the report, in May 2020, Wang Junkui noticed that the air pollution index detected by Yaomeng Office had increased. To reduce the index level, medical cotton was illegally used to block the monitoring holes of environmental detectors, resulting in inaccurate data collection.

It is not the first time that government officials have been exposed to have put “masks” on air detectors.

In 2016, the Ambient Air Automatic Monitoring Station of Chang An District (under Xi’an Environmental Protection Agency, Shanxi Province) was brought to light that it used cotton yarn to block the filter of sampler, which resulted in the data distorted.

According to data released by the WHO, 10 million people worldwide died of cancer in 2020. In China, the incidence and mortality of lung cancer ranks the first among malignant tumors. As early as in 2016, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province ranked the first among the most polluted cities in China. The Henan Business Daily reported that official data showed that the annual incidence of malignant tumors in Henan Province has reached 250,000 and the death toll has reached 160,000, which is equivalent to 28 people being diagnosed with cancer every hour. Lung cancer ranks the first in terms of both morbidity and mortality.

Various methods to falsify the data of air quality

Apart from Henan, the government of Shijiazhuang municipal in Hebei Province once hired security companies to work for air quality monitoring stations. The task of the security guards is to prohibit any truck from passing the road section near the stations and to sprinkler water to reduce dust. All these efforts aim to keep out its local government from the air pollution black list.

According to reports from Chinese media, fraudulent methods for official air quality data are of all kinds, and the air quality data published by many cities is quite different from what  people perceived.

For example, some environmental protection departments modify parameters; some interfere with the normal operation of automatic monitoring equipment; some set up air quality sampling sites in parks and other locations far away from pollution sources, and some only managed to change the air condition near the monitoring sites by sweeping, spraying watering and artificially reducing pollution concentration, etc.

According to the Oriental Daily News, the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the CCP announced that more than 2,600 cases of data falsification of environmental monitoring was found in 2015, involving various monitoring issues of air, water, and soil. Yet the data is only the tip of the iceberg.

Some commentators said that the CCP’s environmental protection department turned a blind eye to the tampering and falsified data by the supervision and management. Once the problem is exposed, they’d just find a “temporary worker” as scapegoat for the crime.

Comment: Once there was a joke, people asked how to translate “counterfeit and shoddy” into English? The answer is “Made in China”. This could be the best interpretation of the CCP’s governance as a false and sham society. The CCP claims to own four self-confidence every day, but it never dares to implement one-person-one-vote election system. There are countless sensitive words in the media as taboos, and those so-called representatives of people run away as soon as possible when being asked the sensitive issues.

The CCP is such an evil party trying to rule the world. Is the world of more than 7 billion people willing to surrender and become slaves of the CCP? Never! Spreading the truth and eradicating the CCP is the only way for mankind to get rid of the coronavirus and the communist demon.