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On April 28, the Pro-establishment camp (Pro-Beijing camp) dominated Hong Kong Legislative Council, has passed the second reading of the Amendment to Immigration Regulation with a vote of 40-2. Later the same day, the Council immediately started the third reading and passed the round with a vote of 39-2. The Amendment to Immigration Regulation formally passed all three rounds of reading and will be effective on August 1, 2021.

According to this regulation, the Director of Immigration is empowered to “order a transport to carry or not carry a passenger or a crew member of the transport.” Both foreign nationals and Hong Kong residents, entering or leaving the country, will be legally bounded by this regulation. In other words, Hong Kong will be officially locked down from August 1.

Hong Kong officially starts the countdown to falling into a large prison, with no difference from mainland China, or even worse. Those who intend to leave should take quick actions, and those who are still considering shall not hesitate to catch the last chance to flee. Based on CCP’s notorious reputation, more restrictions might occur as the date approaches August 1. Freedom-loving HKers are advised to act quickly and leave Hong Kong in time to ensure the safety of themselves and their families.

Although some Hong Kong Communist government officials and legislators have said conclusively, “Why would HK Government make it difficult for them — specifically those who want to escape — to leave HK freely with the implementation of this amendment?” Well, if it is not the case, why would the HK government rush to pass this amendment in one day? Who would be on the sanction list?

Please do not trust a single word of the HK Government since it has already been a puppet of Beijing nowadays. Bid farewell to Hong Kong for a while so we can meet again on the Lion Rock, ignite the light of freedom when the CCP is exterminated!

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