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The formation of Chinese Communist Party’s ideology was gradually completed in the process of absorbing the experience and lessons from other totalitarian society such as Communist Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union and its own history of Mao Zedong era. The massacre in Tiananmen Squire and the great changes in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe made the highest power groups in the Chinese Communist Party led by Deng Xiaoping realized that, for them, what happened during 1978 to 1989 was a political failure. If they want to continue the rule as the dominate party, they must learn the lessons of their failure and adopt a series of new measures and methods.

There are two principles of the newly reformed Chinese Communist Party after 1989.

The first is to maintain a high degree of awareness of the “end-game”. The Chinese Communist Party will no longer tolerate any sort of rebellion, no matter how insignificant it is. Since 1989, the authorities have had an unprecedented apocalyptic fear of reality, which has stimulated a strong sense of vigilance towards “destruction of the party and the country” even under slightest impact. The Chinese Communist Party re-emphasizes and strengthens the traditional repressive methods of totalitarian rule. Such as strengthening the power of the police department and relying on it to implement extensive penetration and comprehensive monitoring of the domestic society. Further strengthening the totalitarian organization and propaganda system. Maximum control of the media, public opinion and private speech, etc.

The second is to use flexible strategies to solve problems. Create opportunities for the ruling group. Such flexibility is reflected in many aspects. The most important two are foreign policies and economic system. Deng Xiaoping once said: “We must not take the lead, this is a fundamental national policy. We can’t afford that, and we don’t have enough strength. There is absolutely no gain to being there, and many opportunities will be lost.” The fundamental purpose of these strategies is to consolidate and strengthen totalitarian rule, not to weaken or break totalitarian rule.

In terms of ideological management, the Chinese Communist Party not only adheres to the basic principles of totalitarian political rule, and resolutely suppresses the demand for democratization of the people. It also allows the prosperity of popular culture and entertainment, and the development of daily life business. Redirecting the attention of the people in a direction that is harmless to the authorities. But the fact that official ideology fades out of these areas does not mean that it has given up control over these activities. Chinese Communist Party can intervene and dominate folk entertainment activities at any time. For example, before the tragic and evil national policy family planning was ended. Authorities send out police to execute newborn infant in the hospital and forcing pregnant women to have forced abortion. After the family planning policy was ended recently. Feminism and anime were banned because the party authorities want to promote nuclear family due to low population growth.

How does the Chinese Communist Party maintain social stability?

In Mao Zedong era, the Chinese Communist Party uses social welfare arrangements (such as state-guaranteed job opportunities, housing, free education and medical care, etc.) in exchange for people’s political obedience. Although the people have given up personal political freedom and civil rights, they have exchanged basic living conditions. However, recently, Mao Zedong’s planned economy was replaced by Social Darwinism. No more social welfare to the peasants. Anyone who oppose the authority is executed. Anyone who unable to survive is left for death. As long as they do not belong to the powerful group, ordinary people have neither the protection of civil rights, nor the social welfare protection. Three new burden (housing, education, medical care) were added on top of political oppression. Since the authorities have suppressed social dissatisfaction since the 1990s more severely than in any other period, although the survival of the majority of the population is much harder than before, they can only endure it silently. Chinese Communist Party will sacrifice anything to maintain its control. The more difficult their situation, the more dangerous they are. The free world will always be threatened by their tricks before they eventually perish. Now is the best opportunity for us to strike back. Eliminating the CCP is the prerequisite for mankind to enter a new golden age.