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Recently, the traffic control measures taken by the traffic control department in the Nansha Port in Guangzhou, had sparked heated talks about Tesla among netizens again. Videos uploaded by netizens showed that several Teslas were stopped by traffic control officers and parked along roadside. After the farce on Tesla at the Shanghai Auto Show, yet Tesla is safe to drive or not has not been concluded, but the traffic control department can arbitrarily ban the Tesla from the road.

It once again proved that building a society under the rule of law is just a nonsense told by the CCP. In fact, there aren’t private auto companies in the Communist China at all, only Kleptocrats’ White Gloves. They rely on the strong subsidies and monopoly advantages, chose the despicable way when facing foreign competitors, which fully exposed the rogue thinking and behavior patterns under the glossy appearance of the CCP’s economic development over the past decades. In addition, CCP’s media repeatedly commented and criticized that Tesla, and even the Commission for Discipline Inspection’s website involved in during the past few days. When Communist China and United States fall foul of each other, CCP required so many important official media to clamor one by one on an ordinary civil case. Made people who do not familiar with CCP’s customary tactics to think if Tesla was involved in a political corruption scandal?