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Background: The CCP Central Committee’s newly revised “Regulations on Grain Circulation Management” will be implemented from April 15, 2021. The biggest highlight is the CCP Central Committee’s request to further protect the interests of grain farmers and mobilize the enthusiasm of grain production. The Regulations explicitly include the protection of grain producers’ enthusiasm as one of the legislative purposes and provide for a series of measures to protect farmers’ interests.

Comment: They just don’t tell you what the situation is now, how much food do you still have? How much food can your land actually produce each year? How many tons of grain did you import from abroad last year? How many tons of grain were imported from abroad the year before? Why has it nearly doubled?

Why are you the number one country in the world in terms of food imports? Why is the annual increase also the first? Why is more than 80% of the world’s genetically modified grain sold to you? If there is no problem with food, why does the country want to control the circulation of food now? Free circulation is not good?

Think about it a little bit, the so-called three-year natural disasters, I only know that there was no food or clothing at that time, why no one looked into it. The period from 1960 to 1963 was originally not a natural disaster! Good weather!

Isn’t it just bragging, that the per acre yields ten thousand catties of grain, and they all hide it, and they are afraid of losing their official post. Farmers are not allowed to leave the village, and there are militiamen guarding the entrance of the village. Those who sneak into the city to beg are regarded as mobile criminals.

Remember the name mobile criminals? People are not free to move around in their own country and breaking the rules is considered illegal and qualifies as a mobile criminal!

Remember the crime of speculation?

Remember the crime of hooliganism?

Remember the saying about poaching from socialism?

Now it’s just a change of name for you!

You can’t go anywhere without vaccination, and you can’t leave anyone here with an epidemic!

Individual business is increasingly difficult to engage in, because the state is to step by step control up, unified purchase and sale, state monopoly, state-owned enterprises monopoly, you can only open a small restaurant supermarket or something.

The crime of provocation is the same as the previous crime of hooliganism, is a basket, anything can be loaded into it.

In recent years, our land can be developed into real estate. Who still grow the land? Our rice planting cost is much higher than the smuggled import price. After falsely reporting the grain output and receiving subsidies, a small part of the smuggled imported grain is used, and most of them swallowed into the pockets of the interests of the officials.

Does anyone dare to check the granary? Wherever you check, there will be a big fire. Why is this?

What would happen if the total proportion of 80% relied on imports and if there were no more? I have not experienced 60 years, nor do I have such a rich imagination, but I just perceive a little from the remnants of history.