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In the last week, the COVID-19 pandemic continued to worsen, along with high-risk cases caused by vaccines in many countries of the world. There are millions of vaccine recipients in the United States that are likely not to complete their second shot, which poses worrying prospects for prevention and containment of the virus. Meanwhile, the number of newly diagnosed cases in India in a single day hit a global high since the outbreak of the pandemic. As people are hit by the enormous news and information, they still do not know when the pandemic will end; how long the vaccine’s effects will last; and how the virus actually came into being.

In recent days, Mr. Miles Guo has revealed a shocking truth on his Getter[1] about the virus — the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had made the antidote before they released this lab-made virus. That means, only the CCP has the antidote. On top of that, only a few of them are qualified to know about the antidote and able to get it. As you can see only a few people in a CCP’s meeting sitting in the front, dare not to wear a mask because they have the antidote. However, the others have to continuously wear masks just because they are not completely trusted by the CCP and not available to the antidote. This is very ironic: even these guys are still working hard for the few high-level families of the Chinese Communist Party by cruelly oppressing the people, their lives and families are worth nothing in the eyes of the party, which they haven’t even realized, at least before this exposure from Mr. Guo.

This exposure came from solid facts. Since Mr. Guo started the Whistleblower Movement four years ago, he has exposed countless lies of the CCP and revealed many truths, which all have been verified, especially by his supporters. After mastering the information on the antidote, Mr. Guo went through multiple verifications before using his life as a guarantee to declare that the CCP had made the antidote along with the virus.

We firmly believe that the truth will be revealed, it is only a matter of time. And as people learn more and more about the truth of the coronavirus, the countries around the world will definitely pursue accountability and severely punish the prime culprit of this human disaster — the Chinese Communist Party. As the Chinese idiom says, “when the tree falls, the monkeys scatter,” meaning that when the boss falls from power, his lackeys disperse.

Therefore, at the time of the CCP’s collapse, its staunch supporters will end up in a catastrophic situation. Mr. Miles Guo’s revolution is actually a warning to them: If they want to save their own lives and future, they must follow the current anti-CCP trend in the world and choose to stand on the side of justice.

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