During Miles Guo’s Q&A session on Saturday, Feb 15, he discussed a roadmap for epidemic control and China’s future.

Covid-19 will become curable. The viral attack triggered by political struggle will bring down the CCP by June 4. A new and peaceful China will be established.

High-level Summary:

The Covid-19 is originated from a Wuhan Lab as part of the Chinese Military’s biochemical weapon program.

The viral attack was orchestrated by a small group of people within China to bring down their political opponents.

Right now, President Xi and his people are trying to fight the epidemic but his “gang” and subordinates are too incompetent to make any meaningful progress.

The CCP does not have an antidote or vaccine for Covid-19 yet.

Some people within the Communist Party (CCP) are suggesting to attack places like Taiwan to diverge people’s attention away from the epidemic.

The Chinese Communist Party will have the “two-sessions” meeting in early March as planned in order to maintain its legitimacy. Epidemic control will be on the meeting’s agenda.

The Chinese government will risk having more infections by ordering factories to resume production. It cannot afford to let the economy collapse.

Miles Guo ask the Chinese to stay away from the political fight by staying home to ride out the “storm”. He used his prison experience to encourage people to re-emerge as a “new person” after enduring a long lonely time.

The Chinese Communist Party will be gone by June 4th, 2020.

A new government will be established through universal suffrage.

Illegitimate power-grabbing will bring self-destruction.

China will remain one country with peace and rule-of-law under the watch of democratic countries in the world.

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Questions & Answers

Disclaimer: Miles Guo provided these answers based on the information he has gathered from various sources and his understanding of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He takes personal responsibility for his statements.

What direction will this epidemic head for and what actions will the Chinese government take?

China will reopen factories and hotels. One of the leaders of an unnamed country told Miles that the CCP decided to let people return to cities to reopen factories and hotels, which was confirmed by Miles according to the information he had.

The CCP will still have its “two-sessions” meeting in the first week of March for these reasons:

The resuming of transportation and other services related to the CCP meeting will lead to more viral infections in China and beyond. The recklessness of the CCP will accelerate its demise. Unfortunately, the Chinese people will pay a heavy price.

The epidemic has turned the CCP into numerous interest groups to protect themselves instead of helping the people in need.

To Miles Guo’s horror, some people in China don’t mind seeing more deaths while the Chinese are facing a genocide.

Who are the people behind the virtual attack?

The policy of nationalizing private enterprises/properties and brutal purging adopted by the CCP leaders like Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan have angered many, who vowed to take down those at the top by any means.

Members of a secret Hong Kong society of the ultra-rich agreed unanimously that the only way for them to survive is to get rid of the CCP especially Xi and Wang. Their secret meeting held at a top of hill in Hong Kong was attended by a dozen people including Ma Yun (the founder of Alibaba), Ma Huateng (the founder of Tencent), Pan Shiyi and his wife Zhang Xin (founders of SOHO), someone related to Jiang Chaoliang (the recently ousted Communist Party Secretary of Hubei), and someone from the Shanghai gang (unnamed).

Both two years ago and one year ago, Miles Guo said that the CCP might create a humanitarian or natural disaster or something like an epidemic before its demise.

A warning message inside Wuhan P4 Lab reads: when you step into this building, you are in Pandora’s Box. In front of the P4 lab, there is a “Lightning Bolt Tablet” with some superstitious meaning.

This civilian-military-joint P4 lab funded by international tycoons like Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Zhang Xin, Pansy Ho, Jean-Paul Agon, etc is guarded by the Chinese military with underground levels only accessible by military biochemical weapon divisions called “303 Institue” and “106 Institue”.

Why did Hubei Jiang Chaoliang, Guo Deying, and Zhi Zhengli deny any wrongdoing had it been an unintentional leak?

There are telltale signs that some people had prior knowledge of this viral attack:

This epidemic is definitely a premeditated attack on political opponents at the expense of innocent lives.

What is the CCP doing to fight the epidemic?

President Xi is put on the spot and somehow became a “lone fighter” of the virus in a trap set up Wang Qishan and the Shanghai gang.

President Xi controls 80% of the Chinese military, but his approach to fighting the virus with the military is disastrous.

Having the CCP two-session-meetings in early March is a trap set for President Xi by making him believe that the epidemic is controllable. Wang Qishan persuaded Xi to have the meeting to prove to the world that the CCP is still the ruling party of China. These kleptocrats only care about asserting power over Chinese people instead of saving lives.

The family members of the government employees are fleeing China

People working at the Chinese Foreign Ministry are sending their families and money abroad to prepare for the collapse of the CCP. They search for masks and medicins to protect themselves from the virus. Their words are no longer trusted by foreigners.

When will the CCP end the epidemic?

Some kleptocrats asked what kind of death toll would bring an end to this epidemic. The answer is that it won’t end until one side of the political fight falls. So the death toll will keep rising.

The Foreign Ministry’s standard response is that:

What should Chinese people do?

Food in the stores will run out in mid-March.

Miles Guo suggested that people stay out of the CCP’s internal fight and stay at safe places like their homes to wait for the right time to come out.

What will happen to the Chinese economy?

People are still transferring money abroad.

The Chinese economy will never go back to its peak for two reasons:

The Chinese economy will be in a surviving mode for a long time post CCP. Dreaming of leading the world has turned out to be a nightmare.

The Stock Exchanges in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hong Kong will experience turbulence and eventually become zero.

The CCP will lose its legitimacy to rule China by Jun 4th.

On June 4th, a new China will be established without the CCP regardless of whether the CCP still exists.

This new China will be recognized by many countries in the world. And its government will be elected via universal suffrage.

With CCP’s demise, the Chinese currency Yuan (Ren ming bi) the Hong Kong dollar will be worthless.

When will the CCP be over?

One of the prerequisites for the CCP’s demise is the closure of its stock exchanges, which will remain open before the CCP “two-session” meeting.

The stock exchanges’ closure will be discussed during the “two-session” meetings depending on the epidemic. The foreign investors do not want the stock exchanges to close until they get their money out.

The CCP will end abruptly after the closure of its stock exchanges.

The CCP top leaders are still struggling without realizing that their end is near.

Many organizations around the world are preparing for a China without the CCP.

What else should the Chinese do?

The CCP will have a desperate fight before its end, so the Chinese people should stay alive without taking unnecessary risks.

Who will govern a new China?

The new leaders will be the participants of the Expose Revolution in China.

The new Chinese government will be determined by a U.S. led international organization. This is the only way to ensure a smooth transition to a peaceful nation with the rule of law. This will also bring hope to China by maintaining friendly relationships with other countries.

The Chinese people will choose their government through universal suffrage.

All prisoners will be pardoned after the CCP is gone.

All loans including mortgages and car loans will be waived.

The money shipped oversea by the CCP will be returned to the Chinese people.

Illegitimate power-grabbing will bring self-destruction.