Author: VOG-M53

Today, Steven Bannon commented on China’s new door-to-door inspection policy in Wuhan city on War Room Podcast. It has been three weeks since China officially acknowledged the national coronavirus epidemic. The new Vice Premier Sun Chunlan ordered door-to-door inspection in Wuhan.

But, why now? The Chinese Communist Party might be just putting on a show. If the inspection plan proves its efficiency, it will be much easier for the CCP to enforce its policy in the future. It is a showcase of totalitarian power domestically and internationally. If the plan fails, the epidemics will grow. It could also be that before CCP makes the people of Wuhan go back to their work, CCP wants to estimate the consequence. If the CCP ordered the inspection with good intentions, they would have consulted with the virus experts and accepted help from W.H.O. and C.D.C. If not, the inspection will only mean a death sentence to a lot of citizens in Wuhan.