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On April 25th US time, Dr. Sellin’s tweet was a blockbuster, it read: why Fauci funded Frankenstein Dr. Malik? Why did the US NIH help him? Why is the NIH contract HHSN27220140000C so confidential? Is it because the HHSN2722014 function enhancement series research was suspended in 2014? In this regard, Lude’s interpretation on April 25th and Dr. Sellin put together Malik, NIH’s Fauci and FDA Maria, especially Maria, who is responsible for the approval of drugs and vaccines. Also it’s related to the H1N1 swine flu virus function enhancement experiment.

Dr. Yan, are very familiar with these personals. It shows how critical these three people are to the virus. Dr. Sellin, as a person who spoke out as the US military intelligence community, actually knew the answers to the questions asked for a long time, even the contract number and the details of the funding direction have been revealed. It is conceivable that they have mastered the detailed intelligence and evidence of how deeply these people participated in the development of the coronavirus.

What Dr. Sellin said about Fauci indicated that many more things were about to surface. Recently conservative has been strongly attacking Dr. Fauci, who has been on the position for decades as a Pope. Together with Fauci, all his people who helped with payment transactions and other agents will be caught out. Dr. Sellin used to handle the project fund management at NIH before. In this regard, he is very experienced.

Senator Paul said in an interview with Fox Maria, why does the United States use American funds to fund the CCP’s functional enhancement experiments? Previously, the United States had banned functional enhancement experiments, and then Fauci asked China to conduct such experiments on the coronavirus, and it became pandemic in the world.

The British “Daily Mail” had a report on the 25th April. This report focuses on the secret project of the CCP military in Wuhan Laboratory, which helps the CCP military find viruses of animals. Most importantly, in the report it also posted the ID photos of Colonel Cao Wuchun and Major General Chen Wei, which thus revealed The CCP virus not only comes from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but also has close ties with the CCP military.

These articles uncovered the military background of Con. Cao Wuchun and MG. Chen Wei, which indicated that the West has mastered the information that this coronavirus is a biological weapon developed by the Chinese military. Dr. Sellin also showed a paper with picture demonstrations on April 25. Lude said that the author of the paper is Dr. Yan’s husband and the co-author is Dr. Yan’s former colleague, Yan Huiling. Malik is the direct boss to provide support for this project. The H1N1 swine flu virus used in the experiment came from the P3 lab in HK university, and the funding was provided by the FDA. This project is also related to WHO. The paper has NIH, FDA, and HK P3 lab and CCP Wuhan Lab connected in a series.

The HKU P3 lab is the best laboratory for coronavirus isolation in the world, even Biological laboratories in America do not have this ability. Dr. Yan’s husband was the first to successfully isolate the coronavirus, but Malik told him not to have it announced to the public. So virtually the only people who knew the secret of the coronavirus were Malik, Dr. Yan and her husband.

Lude Media revealed that the people who really participated in the research of CCP virus were Dr. Malik, Con. Cao Wuchun, Dr.Fauci, MG. Chen Wei and  Dr. Zhou Yusen. Now Daily Mail and Dr. Sellin, as well as major media in the United States, such as Fox are exposing these people little by little. Now the puzzle of the virus is gradually being put together and the time for the thorough reveal is coming. What awaits these people is the grand trial!

Dr. Yan’s husband was the first person to isolate the coronavirus, and her boss, Malik, was the king of HK P3 lab. The US FDA, NIH, and WHO all have close ties and cooperation with the HK P3 lab. They fully rely on the HK P3 lab to isolate the virus.

Moreover, Dr. Yan is the only person who can speak English and Mandarin fluently. These people have to rely on her for the better communication and understanding. Therefore, Dr. Yan herself is an intelligence and the most critical witness. Without Dr. Yan’s revealing, no matter how remarkable and brilliant those are at intelligence and subject of biological weapons, they would not able to figure out the intricated relationship of it.

Therefore, thanks to the Whistleblower Movement led by Mr. Miles Guo and the fellow fighter Lude, Mr. Guo and former Secretary of State Pompeo rescued Dr. Yan. Without Dr. Yan, the world would not have found the truth so soon and it would have killed more people. After listening to the Lude’s program on April 25, I can’t help but felt gratitude that it is so important that Dr. Yan has stood up and told the world the truth. Otherwise when the world is to hold the CCP accountable, all Chinese, home and abroad may be implicated to the disaster fate. Thanks you, our angel Dr. Limeng Yan.