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On April 13, 2021, the ODNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence) published its ATA (Annual Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community), nominating CCP China as the top threat to U.S. security. Meanwhile, during a hearing by the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, CCP China, along with Russia, Iran, North Korea and ISIS, are viewed as the five “bad guys.” According to the senator, it has reached a consensus on bipartisan way that all threats are from Xi Jinping and the CCP, instead of Chinese people. He also pledges to spread to the U.S. public that it is important to distinguish between the CCP and the Chinese people including Chinese living abroad, and that innocent Chinese people are victims (of the CCP) as well.

On April 15th, Dr. Lawrence Sellin who represents U.S. military intelligence department tweets in Chinese : “Together shall we stand and prevail again. We will be victorious together as valiant Chinese people rescued Major Doolittles’ raid squad in 1942.” In his tweets, he expresses his support of Chinese people and dismissal of the CCP, quoting both pictures from GTV and GNews from the Whistleblower Movement, and the national flag of The New Federal State of China. 

He also reiterated that Chinese people do not represent the CCP. Dr. Sellin, formerly Chief of Staff of Asia-Pacific and Indo-Pacific Anti-Terrorist Special Force Command, is an important unofficial spokesperson of the U.S. military intelligence department. He represents a power and will from a more profound realm beyond the U.S. bipartisan level. He is another representative of the U.S. hidden power who stood and voiced out their official support of The New Federal State of China, following Mr. Steve Bannon. Dr. Sellin’s tweet has drawn much attention from Chinese netizens. Many replied with gratitude and respect, by making wishes that Chinese stand with the U.S. again, hand in hand to take down the CCP.

Every Chinese person with a conscience is touched by such weighty tweets. During World War II, Japan executed some 250,000 Chinese people in retaliation for their rescue of American soldiers. This is a testament to the goodness, courage, and peace-loving nature of the common people of China! The Chinese, the Americans, and the people of the world, are on the same side! The evil CCP who has waged bio-warfare against all humanity, is the real fugitive who hampers the ultimate revival of the Chinese nation and the descendants of ancient China. The followers of  The New Federal State of China and The Whistleblower Movement are compassionate, righteous, and brave. If freed from the CCP’s cages, it’s believed that all 1.4 billion good people enslaved by the CCP for over seven decades will consequently, learn, accept truth, and stand with people, globally for freedom.

Previously it was Mr. Guo Wengui who first proposed the concept that the Chinese people shall be distinguished from the CCP. Mr. Guo aims to protect 1.4 billion ignorant Chinese people from being treated as allies in the burial rituals towards the CCP in China and from being discriminated against outside of China. Since the beginning of 2017, he began to expose the CCP’s crimes of enslavement, deception, and poisoning of the Chinese people and people all over the world. Mr. Guo Wengui first proposed that, “Separating Chinese people and the CCP is the priority of the Whistleblower Movement.”

Today, after four years of perseverance, this critical mission is finally achieved. This goal embodies the greatest wisdom of the Whistleblower Movement led by Mr. Guo Wengui and will undoubtedly mark its most glorious place in history. Its historical significance means so much to the existence of Chinese people and their future generations, no matter where they are. We shall once again demonstrate an image of Chinese people as brave, faithful, and peace-loving. The Chinese people rooted on China soil must reshape and reveal their true nature, lest they and their descendants be expelled from the earth.

Meanwhile, it is a saddening truth that the CCP controlled media deceitfully and unethically spared no effort to blindfold the public, so that the Chinese people’s basic reputation was clouded. The CCP’s ultimate goal is to divide the 1.4 billion Chinese people from the world, because the world now clearly understands that the CCP regime tries to shield itself behind 1.4 billion for its own continuation. 

We are entering this great era of taking down the CCP.  But common Chinese folks inside the wall are unable to fathom that this calamity might ruin the future generations of Chinese people. The biological virus unleashed by the CCP is not minimally endangering, but also just the beginning and far from over. It is still impossible to forecast how much collateral the Chinese people will have to compensate for the CCP’s crimes.

Hence, any Chinese with a conscience should realize that drawing a line with the CCP as fast as possible is the best way to protect themselves. The more Chinese people stand up to join the fight to take down the CCP, the safer the Chinese people and their descendants as a whole will be. Such heroism of standing up fighting to save the world and humanity will transcend the Chinese into a nation of heroes. In short, perhaps this is where lies the historical mission of the Chinese citizens. On the other hand, if one opts to side with the CCP, s/he eventually shall be relegated to the garbage heap of human history with the CCP.

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