Ⅰ. The New Federal State of China News       

1. The European Union’s stance on CCP is hardening. Only four months after Beijing and Brussels concluded the principles of a landmark investment agreement, a high-level internal report seen by POLITICO shows the EU is now increasingly pessimistic about keeping business interests separate from political concerns over what it calls President Xi Jinping’s “authoritarian shift.”

2. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga on Monday voiced “grave concerns” over China’s aggressive actions in surrounding waters in phone talks with Indian counterpart Narendra Modi.

3. Rep. Mike Turner, R-Ohio, on Sunday doubled down on a warning from the head of the U.S. nuclear arsenal the United States is unready to face the threat of China and Russia’s nuclear power strides.

4. British brokers are monitoring the world’s largest polluter, particularly China, to make sure they’re respecting their worldwide commitments in regards to the atmosphere, MI6 chief Richard Moore has revealed.

5. The Indian and French navies on Sunday kicked off a three-day mega wargame in the Arabian Sea in the backdrop of rising concern over China’s growing maritime presence in the Indian Ocean region.

6. The U.S. government should redesignate China as a “country of particular concern” (CPC) for violating the right to worship freely in its Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) and elsewhere, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) said in an annual report Wednesday.

7. A series of American sanctions on a Macau underworld kingpin Wan Kuok Koi (commonly known as Broken Tooth) helped Kuala Lumpur pry the lid off a Malaysian connection to criminal groups in China and related police corruption in the Southeast Asian nation.

8. Beijing’s top office in Hong Kong has said that the Hong Kong Bar Association Paul Harris “should stop veering off the road of politicisation” after the legal body’s chairperson criticised the sentencing of veteran democrats over two unauthorised assemblies in August 2019. The spokesperson for the China Liaison Office said on last Friday that Paul Harris had “spread distorted opinion, blatantly supported those who violated law, excusing those using violence, smearing law enforcement, and putting pressure on the judiciary.”

II. World News

1. India’s coronavirus cases hit a record peak for a fifth day on Monday as countries including Britain, Germany and the United States pledged to send urgent medical aid to help tackle the crisis overwhelming its hospitals.

2. New aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, the most powerful surface vessel in the Royal Navy’s history, will set sail next month for Asia with eight fast jets on board. It will be accompanied by six Royal Navy ships, a submarine armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, 14 naval helicopters and a company of Royal Marines. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said Monday the mission aims to show that Britain is “not stepping back but sailing forth to play an active role in shaping the international system.”

3. Russian prosecutors on Monday ordered jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) and its regional network to suspend all activities, pending a court ruling on whether to label it an extremist group.

4. The U.S. military has started the process of completely withdrawing troops from local areas of Afghanistan, Gen. Austin Scott Miller, commander of U.S. forces in the southern Asia country, told reporters in Kabul Sunday.

5. Agrowing number of leaders from Israel to Congress are increasing pressure on corporate America and President Biden to avoid making a bad deal with Iran that would lift sanctions or provide cash aid to Tehran without major concessions to end its terrorism, nuclear and other malign activities.

6. Despite the global health and economic crises, total military spending went up in 2020, Swedish research institute SIPRI has reported. Almost two-thirds of spending came from just five countries— the US, China, India, Russia and the UK — made up 62% of all military spending.

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