Author: Happybird [G-Translators & MOS Fitness Group]
Editor: Shifter

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In the midst of voices calling for vaccination and issuance of “vaccination passport”, there are legitimate concerns about the COVID-19 vaccines. In particular, on April 21, 2021, Miles Guo, a renowned whistleblower, in a impassioned video, released a bombshell that COVID-19 is a Communist Chinese Party (“CCP”) bioweapon and there will never be any real vaccines against the virus. Meanwhile, the CCP already has an antidote (antiviral) for the virus, which is kept secret and is controlled by only a few CCP top leaders!

However, triggering this alert is misguided speculation and conjecture in the U.S. that among certain of those speaking out against the COVID-19 vaccines, that the United States, or certain people within the United States government are to blame for creating and releasing the virus bio-weapon!

In an article quoted in media and social media, titled “Covid-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease” written by J. Barl Classen, MD, published on January 18, 2021 in Microbiology & Infectious Diseases. The author presents his position against vaccines and COVID-19 vaccines, including discussing the virus being a potential bio-weapon, whereby the vaccine may also be part of the bio-weapon (by creating further vulnerability in the future).  

The closing paragraph includes the statement that “Many have raised the warning that the current epidemic of COVID-19 is actually the result of a bioweapons attack released in part by individuals in the United States government”, implying that the US government should be held responsible for creating and unleashing the virus!

Wow! This is exactly what the real culprit-the CCP wants! Therefore, while we want to warn people against vaccination, we should also be aware of the tendency that some anti-vaccination “doctors” are behaving in the same way as those Americans who want to blame the U.S. for everything either out of stupidity or being BGYed by the CCP! Either possibility eventually will turn out to jeopardize the United States and thus ruin the future of all humanity! As a matter of fact, this sort of so-called anti-vaccination articles can cause much more severe damage than those that advocate vaccination!