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On Monday night, the 93rd Academy Awards ceremony was held in Los Angeles.

The Best Director award went to Chloé Zhao (Zhao Ting), who directed the film “Nomadland”. Chloé Zhao, a Chinese, became the second female winner of the Academy Award for Best Director in history, and the first Chinese woman to win the Academy Award.

“Nomadland” also won two other Oscars this year: “Best Picture” and “Best Actress”. Chloé Zhao’s talent and overnight fame made her undoubtedly one of the brightest stars in the international film industry.

The film “Nomadland”, starring the famous actress Frances McDormand, tells the story of a sixty-something heroine who, after suffering from the Great Depression, has nowhere to return to and leaves her hometown in Nevada to begin her aimless modern nomadic life.

“Nomadland” has previously won the Golden Lion at the 77th Venice Film Festival and the 78th Golden Globe.

Born in Beijing, Chloé’s father is the general manager of a state-owned company and his stepmother is the famous actress Song Dandan. She studied abroad alone at the age of sixteen and is a strong and independent person, especially with cognitive and thinking skills.

She once talked about Communist China in an interview – it started when I was a kid in China, it was a place full of lies, where you feel like you can never touch the outside world, and most of the information I received as a kid was false.

It is reported that domestic little pinks dug up this comment by Chloé years ago and immediately began their usual tactics of siege, ridiculing Chloé for groveling and worshiping foreigners engraved in her DNA, etc. Her film is suspected to have been withdrawn from domestic scheduling in April.

Throughout history, Chinese scientists and artists who have gained achievements and distinctions in the world were either born, raised, or immigrated to Western democracies, where they were nurtured by scientific civilization, independent thought, and universal values, and given the environment and opportunities to give full play to their talents.

And in Communist China, where fairness, freedom, and the rule of law are scarce, the same ethnic groups have no system of security of life and property, and are left to be slaughtered and plundered at the whim of the rulers. Not to mention freedom of speech, independent personalities, innovative thinking and great inventions? That’s why there are international-level scandal jokes-tanks driving a hundred meters can be crooked side one meter, aircraft and pilots on aircraft carriers are highly paid foreign aid! Such a false and empty interpretation has been going on for seventy years, but shamelessly shouting the four self-confidence.

The New Federal State of China is on a historical mission and is uniting the forces of justice in the world to destroy communism. Eradicate the evil CCP and return a clear and rule of law society to our 1.4 billion compatriots. People no longer live in fear, society is fair and just, and the talents of each individual are brought to the forefront. The real rejuvenation of our nation will come when we integrate universal values and create a global civilization together.