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After several years of stagnation since Biden’s election, U.S.-European relations are rapidly recovering at a “visible” pace. In a few short months, Secretary of State Blinken has visited NATO twice, and President Biden chose Europe for his first international trip since his election.

Biden’s visit to Europe is of great significance. In this world of dramatic change, Biden has chosen the strategy of uniting allies to face it together. Militarily, the association with NATO, and politically, the cooperation with the EU.

Let’s guess what kind of topics they will discuss?

Climate Conference – How to reshape the world economic landscape. The climate conference is to reduce emissions, there is industrial production to have emissions, discuss emissions is to talk about the future of the world economic landscape.

Health – Epidemic, CCP virus. Perhaps, according to Mr. Guo’s timetable for the disclosure of the antidote, perhaps the summit will unify the understanding of the “antidote” and formally unite to destroy the CCP, which is possible.

Trade – chains, international division of labor, globalization or regionalization? How to face the CCP’s supply chain to the world?

All the topics can be connected into one line: the Chinese Communist Party has released a virus and launched an “unconstrained war”, trying to challenge the world, so we should unite to destroy it. And because it is the world’s second largest economy, we must consider how the world economic landscape is rearranged and how the industrial chain is divided. Considering the first 20 years of globalization, let’s review the gains and losses together and see how we can improve in the future.

Biden’s trip to Europe is also eagerly awaited by the European Union, indicating that the United States and Europe agree on many aspects and want to face challenges together. In international affairs, a meeting between top leaders often means that things have largely been talked out. And the schedule is rushed, announced just over a month in advance, indicating that things are important.

Biden’s visit to Europe also indicates that there are a number of unresolved issues that need to be made the final “verdict”. After all, the world has been undergoing a long period of time, and has been “BGY” by the Chinese Communist Party, there are some problems that need to be solved for sure, such as Germany, how to stand in the end; such as NATO cost sharing; such as the proportion of Europe in the new world pattern, and so on.

But from the standpoint of both sides, is confident that after the summit, the U.S. and Europe basically unified thinking, talk about the role, responsibilities and obligations in the future development, the global joint extermination of the CCP will be officially kicked off, on the fast track.

June, a magical time:
The U.S. and Europe both claimed that the economy started to recover after June.
G-COIN is expected to be available in June.
In June, the highest level summits in the U.S. and Europe.

It’s all started already!