Seoul Himalaya Snow

Rome DaVinci Himalaya Shuizhuyu

MOS Himalaya Karen,369 Wenju, Dolores

Editor: MOS Himalaya GForever(Wenzi)

Translated by Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) – Antsee-GTV

Proofread by Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) – Liberte


The chaos in the country is like a building that is about to collapse.

A fellow fighter in a province just experienced the arrest of members of the Discipline Inspection Commission and the Political and Legal Affairs Commission personally. They previously represented Wang Qishan’s factional forces. At present, Zeng Qinghong is the boss of the domestic political arena. He ran the party’s organization department (in charge of personnel appointments) for many years and was the real head of the party after the Deng Xiaoping era. Zeng Qinghong has excellent relations with both the political forces of the previous generation and the current generation. Some family forces of officials who were dissatisfied with Deng Xiaoping or Jiang Zemin, who resented Nutty Xi (Xi Jinping), have chosen to follow Zeng Qinghong. Zeng and his previous generation all came from within the Communist Party, so he is very much a typical party member and an insider. Except for his son, who let him down, Zeng Qinghong did very well in all other respects.

The domestic economy is in a deplorable condition and on the verge of collapse. In the diplomatic arena, Nutty Xi alone challenges the world. With respect to domestic strategy, he has now managed to take control of Hong Kong and intends to go on to take Taiwan. Whether Zeng Qinghong acts or not is key to fulfilling the strategy of relying on internal party power to take down the CCP. Nutty Xi is now solitary (he trusts nobody, and almost nobody is by his side) and in great danger, as 90 million members of the party have become his enemies.


Biden’s visit to Europe was an attempt to unite with allies to destroy the CCP. His primary task was to unite the UK. The worst thing is to love the wrong person or hate the wrong person in the world. President Trump never wanted to take down the CCP in a clean, straightforward way. Nor did he ever think about forcing regime change in the CCP. He only wanted to weaken the CCP’s influence. He only began hesitating in the last ten months before leaving the oval office, while the virus spread around in the US.

The Lude Media Show 119 was an essential program. Scientist Dr. Yan and the Ph.D. team did a great job of taking down the CCP. Trump had planned to board Air Force One to visit Taiwan but abandoned it at the last moment. Otherwise, the whole history of the world would have changed. Trump’s biggest regret now is not having revealed the truth about the CCP virus, and now he realizes that he underestimated the CCP. He now understands that the 3F plan, and the plan to wipe out the white race, are both true. He prepared a sumptuous dinner, and in the end, he couldn’t enjoy it himself, but of course, others will not be polite.


Japan and Europe are now more aggressive than the US in wanting to destroy the CCP. Germany hopes an outside force will cut its close ties with the CCP. The CCP seeks to pursue its strategy through the heavy industrial steel sector, but it is not a rival of Europe. Using the WTO would be disastrous. France is very close to CCP.

If the relationship between Germany and the CCP breaks down, NATO will act. Once Biden’s visit to Europe succeeds in restoring the relations between the US, France and Germany, the CCP’s “One Belt, One Road” strategy will be entirely over. Energy in the Middle East is the lifeline for all of Europe. The US and the CCP are not in a partnership but an adversarial relationship, so Biden’s trip to Europe is critical.

Inside the CCP there is growing anxiety because they are beginning to lose absolute control. They know that relying on Biden’s help to save their declining fortunes in the party is out of the question, and that diverting attention by fighting Taiwan will be difficult to accomplish. Zeng Qinghong is too great a threat to Xi Jinping’s position as party leader. He waited calmly and coolly like a kung fu master for his opponent – Nutty Xi – to make the first move, resulting in Nutty Xi becoming a “fool Xi.”


The entire Chinese economy is about to collapse in response to any slight catalyst, and the Minsheng Bank is a timed landmine as well. Zhang Hongwei is the biggest con man in China in the organized crime world as well. He controls Minsheng Bank with Dong Wenbiao, Hongqi, Shi Yuzhu, Lu Zhiqiang, the Zeng family, and Liu Yandong (the mentioned names are all associated with the CCP’s elite corrupt families). My family foundations once indirectly owned 15% of Minsheng bank, so I knew it was bound to fail because much of the bank’s money had been illegally moved. It was a Ponzi scheme.

Dong Wenbiao’s best friend was Yu Zhengsheng (a retired Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference). Besides, Dong and Li Yuanchao (a former Vice President of the PRC) were also in collusion. Hongqi’s brother is part of Meng Jianzhu’s entourage, and his rise relied completely on the Zeng family forces supporting him. Zhang Hongwei completely despises both Xi Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan. He and Dong Wenbiao fought each other for a decade or two at Minsheng bank for control. They were both often scolded by Zhang Gaoli (another retired Politburo Standing Committee member of the CCP). When the fight over Minsheng’s equity starts, it will be the time when Minsheng collapses.

After Xi Jinping came to power, he controlled all the rare earth resources and mortgaged them at the Minsheng bank. Once something goes wrong, not only tens of billions of dollars will be involved, but the broader economic impact will also be huge.

The CCP tries its best to prevent the economic crashes, but it will fail in the end. Soon, people like Dong Wenbiao, Hongqi, and Chen Yuan will undoubtedly be finished. Subsequently, the Ping An Bank, Shengjing Bank, Hashan Bank, China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Bank, and all these banks will go bankrupt one after another. Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, and Ma Mingzhe, the three big names surnamed Ma, will end.


The incident I exposed about the CCP’s aircraft carriers and submarines has caused a significant impact at home. The CCP’s aircraft carriers and submarines are a complete joke. Not to mention the attack on Taiwan. It is even impossible for the navy to sail to Taiwan in the usual way. Chips are the core issue, but the CCP cannot develop and manufacture chips, including writing the source code.

Also, the CCP cannot produce the engine itself, so it has to buy from others. The BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDNSS) is not an independent intellectual property system and has no security features. As a result, these ships have no reliable means of encrypting and communicating safely. The CCP’s military is well known for eating, drinking, whoring, and gambling, without any combat ability, and can only perform the task of scaring ordinary people – Lao Bai Xing – at home.


There will be a series of significant announcements next week. I’m playing a long game, and you will see some results next week.