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On April 19, the People’s Daily and Changan Jie Zhi Shi, the news agencies of the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission of the Communist Party of China, successively published articles accusing Tesla of deceptively bullying customers, in a Tesla rights defense incident that was raging at the Shanghai Auto Show. On April 22, Tesla released vehicle data 30 minutes before the accident and concluded that the brake system of the Tesla vehicle did not malfunction, it was actually a life-saving straw for the owner of the speeding car. Soon after, questions posted online about Tesla’s revised data. On April 23, Tesla clarified that related driving data was recorded with encryption technology and could not be directly read, modified, or deleted.

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In the middle of the night, the husband of the car owner said that Tesla violated the terms and conditions of the customer’s privacy, demanding the withdrawal of their data and an apology. At the same time, the CCTV of the Chinese Communist Party broadcasted news claiming that it is very unreasonable that user-generated data is a core strategic resource for companies. Well, users are the producers of the data and have no rights to use it.

Finally, it reveals the manipulation of individual protection rights by the Chinese Communist Party. According to CCTV’s financial commentary, the ultimate goal of the CCP is: on the surface, Huawei has launched a new type of all-electric car to capture the market and suppress Tesla; in fact, it is the CCP’s distraction to force Tesla to cede core technologies in exchange for the CCP to cease its disrupted activities against Tesla’s interests.

It is well known that Tesla vehicles are powerful because Tesla has its Starlink satellite network with the application of aerospace technology and supercomputing power in its vehicles. Now it needs to add encryption technology. If Tesla’s core technology is snatched by the CCP, it can be said that the CCP’s defense technology will be fast-forwarded by at least ten years. Maybe the CCP can use this to extend its lifespan by another 50 years.

We hope that Tesla and the U.S. government can clearly understand that this is not only a simple rights protection incident, nor is it a vicious business act to grab the market. It is a conspiracy against the defense and security of the United States. The Chinese Communist Party’s wolf ambition is obvious! Hurry up and take down the CCP!

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