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Part 6: “gold, oil and Suez Canal” and its impact on US and World Economy

Mr. Guo has said that the US presidential election will be ended very funny ever since before the election in November 2021. On Friday, he said that there are 2 crises in the US: one is the US constitution. He said that the election fraud and the court related issues about US presidential election have yet come to an end. Who should be US’s legal president? So, Mr. Guo said that the US constitution is facing crisis. The second crisis is the economy crisis. He has mentioned this last week and is the economy. Last Monday, several Wall Street elites/my friends, told me that this week the stock market will plunge. I told them it will not but will have up and down. They told me that my prediction is correct and asking me when the economy will plunge. I told them it will be before June but no later than August. This is US’ second crisis and is resulted from the hyperinflation. Let’s just look around –in several large states with over 1000 trillion GDP, how many people are working besides getting money from the government, 1400 per person. 1.9 trillion recovery funds were from printing the bill. Without working where is the production? (like Peter Daszak, his Eco health alliance, helped Gain-of-function study and accomplice of the pandemic has received 750K for recovery fund). Many of the business cannot sustain. For example, the restaurant business got a big hit. Most people have moved to internet economy and real estate and expect apple and google to maintain this. Besides the US, the economy of the entire world goes toward global hyperinflation. He also mentioned that “In US history, the crises of constitution and economy like twin and always came together. I can see the world is going toward to chaos and the CCP is the origin of this chaos. Japan’s economy will crush too. The solution is to stay away from the CCP but closer to Taiwan Korea India and he top countries in the middle east because Japan needs oil supply. Japan will catch up with the US and Europe, but it will become a more mature market and cooperate with the New Federal State of China. Europe following the US will crush too. There are all connected. The HK dollars and Ren Min Bi are both doomed. Even Europe has responded and told me that the CCP is so thick-skinned and even journalists from the BBC was asking if this is true. Can you believe this? I told them that any CCP followers are either devil or gangsters. Sooner or later they will go with the CCP together into the crematory. What is the rush? He predicts that because the unknown situation of the US politics and the plunge of the US economy, the US market crisis and adjustment will cause the readjustment of the economy of the US, Japan, and Europe and this will bring a new era –the internet economy will change the lifestyle of mankind.


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