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Part5: Take down CCP with “seeking the truth of COVID 19 Virus”

1. On Thursday (3/25), there was massive explosion of emails which I have told you 2 weeks ago that the CCP has started its BGY plan among the US’ academia and universities to spread the news that Peter Daszak said that the reason that the CCP did not provide the truth of the CCP virus was because Bannon, Miles, Lude and Dr. Yan have blown the whistle so they do not dare to provide the truth. What kind of logic is this?

2. Former CDC Director Robert Redfield said, during his interview with CNN, he believed as early as September/October COVID-19 Virus is coming from Wuhan Lab in China.

3. Selline’s Interview stressed COVID-19 is Bioweapon from lab

4. Thursday March 25th, 2021. Miles Guo’s getter posted this year tracing down the CCP virus origin is the key to ending CCP. Now we are at a very important moment

Genocide and crime against humanity will Drive the Communist Party to hell. Anyone who opposes the extermination of communism will be wiped out by the wave of extermination of communism all over the world. Until now there are more than 50 countries put sanctions on CCP, among the 195 countries worldwide. There will be 70-90 countries in the end.

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