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Part 3: There will be no more kings in Britain after the Queen Elisabeth and the royal family is basically over

The events in Europe were/are huge. Simpson plan, the United Kingdom from 1937 to 1946, Churchill also helped him (Duke of Windsor) cover up. In the end, the younger brother George was pushed to take the throne who is the father of the Queen Elisabeth. Oh, it’s not easy at all for the queen now. She is almost a superwoman. In the reality, the Queen is really humorous and a very genuine and good person.

During World War II. Her uncle, the Duke of Windsor, George and the British royal family quickly accepted criticism from the modern media after World War II, and then the aristocracy became closer to the people. Then the queen became the Queen of people. The queen is everything who represents religion and god’ will. Simply, she is the “Son of heaven” in Chinese tradition. She is the Semi-goddess who represents heaven. Her role is to encourage the people. She is a spiritual symbol, because Britain needs a spiritual symbol. Since an empire of the past has fallen. Who will unite the people? The prime minister is always changing. Only the queen can be the center of gravity and encourages the people. Then unite everyone under Christianity. She is definitely a devout Christian. She united Britain under common belief which is the rule of religion. She healed the trauma of losing the empire with strong mental and spiritual leadership and continuedly support and encourage the people of United Kingdom.

In the encouragement, she lost her (social) status more and more. In the end, the queen is the spokesperson of God, and she is under God, because she is the leader of all state religions, Catholics, and Christians. The queen is the most authoritative, the priest and the pope are second. At the same time, there are (national) ritualization, and the prime minister must report to her. Some things, she is very influential in private. Then she represented the British in the world, and at the same time, the British were comforted. After all, she was the queen recognized by the world, and she often greeted foreign heads of state, and kept the world from losing the attention of the queen and the royal family and its ability to influence.

The queen manages all aspects of the country comprehensively, including divorce, marriage, religious systems, and the entire management model. The reception of the live broadcast was started by this queen-Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s sister Margaret, I have met. I have met most all these members of loyal family, as long as he (she) is alive, including her son Charles, Andrew, I know very well, and her daughter-in-laws. They are all very too familiar to me. I’ve seen them all. However, only the Queen makes me stand in awe. She is half goddess and half human.

It is not easy for her to be a good mother and the same time a good wife to the Prince Philip. And indeed, she can retain the simplicity of a woman, riding, driving, and hunting. She is definitely a devout Christian, really pious. The Queen is a true Christian. She seldom talks about God, Christ, or the Bible, but she is really pious.

The two disasters she encountered in her life both came from the United States, including the one which is happened again now. What is happening with her grandson Harris, the incident involves the daughter-in-law Diana, her own uncle (Duke of Winsor) was a spy, and the uncle’s wife (Mrs. Simpson) was a spy of multiple countries. What a life the Queen had, not easy at all. Of course, she is admirable! But I don’t believe that there is another Queen after the Queen Elisabeth, nor a King. I believe that the royal family is basically over, basically over.

Part4: Take Down CCP is our only option. To awaken the people of the countries infiltrated by CCP, destroying communism is the only choice in the world

The Communist Party is now attacking the world. CCP is arranging for Yang Niangniang and Prince-in-law to go all over the world to form gangs and walk with the Russians. It’s exactly the same as when Hitler, the Emperor of Japan, and the Japanese invaders walked together.

All economic and financial sectors in Europe have been penetrated. Including the penetration of German technology, including the entire buyout of large German companies and scientists. The so-called German Scientist Park in Shanghai and Beijing, and the so-called mistress and Erfang Park around Volkswagen. All these facts shocked Germany.

The Simpson Project implemented in China against German entrepreneurs, scientists, and politicians is straightforward, rude and rude. It is everywhere in Brussels in Europe and in Germany. How can Germany’s internal research get rid of these things? It’s almost impossible! Germany and EU have to pay very heavily.

Fortunately, the European Union found it out seriously by itself, and EU recognizes it as a big danger. We hope that they can earnestly use this matter to cooperate with the NFSC in Europe in the future, and carry out sincere, effective and real actions with us to Take Down the CCP. This is what I really hope.

We, the Whistleblower Movement and NFSC are now the most important in the world. While building the G series with a strong economic foundation, we need to reveal the so-called plans of the CCP Boxers overseas, so that the foreigners will know that it is CCP Boxers (paper tiger), they are not so magical.

Remember that this era and this moment are the greatest moments of our NFSC, our New China! That’s why Europe will definitely cooperate with us in finance, G-Coin, G-Dolor, G-Club, G-Fashion, G-TV, and G-News in the future. That’s why we must have sufficient and even dominant power in financial market and virtual currency market in Japan.

Now, what we are waiting for is the US virus white paper report and the real report of the Hong Kong incident, as well as the enforcement and punitive actions on these two reports after their publication. This will prompt Japan and other countries to attach great importance to it and achieve the real awakening of the people of these countries, and truly know that the coronavirus (COVID 19) is the CCP’s biological weapon and the pandemic is a massacre of mankind. It is not the Xinjiang genocide, but the massacre to the humanity. Then let the world know that there is no other choice but to TAKE DOWN THE CCP!

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