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Part 1: Miles Guo: The European Union has identified multiple Mrs. Simpsons. The CCP has implemented the Simpson Project in many countries around the world, which is actually a modern Boxer Rebellion (The Boxer Rebellion, Boxer Uprising or Yihetuan Movement was an armed and violent xenophobic, anti-Christian, and anti-imperialist insurrection in China between 1899 and 1901 at the end of Qing dynasty)

Today’s CCP comparing Hitler during World War II have too many similarities. Hitler signed the Treaty of Versailles after the First World War in 1919. And he began to dispatch troops on March 5, 1935. However, it is written in this Treaty that after World War I, Germany cannot exceed one hundred thousand troops, no garrison, or crossing the Rhine.

What did Hitler do adequately after he rise to power? He nationalized all German private companies, captured all private entrepreneurs, killed all Jews, and then nationalized monetary system and enterprises. It’s exactly the same as what the CCP is doing today.

In 1936, Hitler was building roads, major projects, engaging in the Olympics, racism, and nationalism. Moreover, Hitler’s so-called aristocracy have brought out countless aristocrats of his own. What was more important Hitler doing? His favorite trick-to infiltrate other countries is “BGY” which originated from Hitler.

In 1937, Who paid a visit to Hitler? Do you know the Duke of Windsor and his wife? The Duke of Windsor and Mrs. Simpson. Which country does she come from? What does Mrs. Simpson do? Do you know how was she related to Hitler? This was the 1st Royal crisis.

Let’s take a look today. Today’s British royal family has encountered a second Royal crisis., also from the United States. Harry along with his wife is now attacking the entire royal family and Queen of England. The Duke of Windsor, who was abolished in 1937, was the one who got involved with Mrs. Simpson. Mrs. Simpson had a tie with Hitler’s ambassador to France, and she also had a tie with many people in the US intelligence services.

Today, Communist Party are in the United States, in Germany, in Italy, including the United Kingdom, not to mention Japan and Hong Kong, and Taiwan. There are Duke of Windsor everywhere. Hitler in 1937 and Hitler in 36 and 35 are no different from the CCP today.

Do you know what they are doing recently? All these things that happened in the United States recently originated from the Communist Party in the United States, because the United States has the Duke of Windsor, it even has multiple spare tires for “Duke of Windsor”, and it has multiple so-called Mrs. Simpsons in the United States.

The so-called Simpson Project is the modern Boxer Rebellion. Why do I say that? Is CCP advanced in their plan? All the Boxers back then were considered by Yuan Shikai or Cixi as paper tigers who deceived themselves. They thought they were strong, but they couldn’t survive the real swords and guns. When the real war comes, they are useless.

Everyone who knows the European Union understands that the Simpson Project is to acquire the dirty laundry of other countries’ presidents, the president’s wires and their family members’ sex scandals, and Corruption’s evidence (aka BGY interests) (thinking that they got the secret power). However, these methodologies do not help much in the real National and Security Interest to govern its country. It will only increase hatred.

Strictly speaking, after the release of the coronavirus, the Hong Kong incident, and the birth of the New Federal States of China, what is happening right now in CCP China are all paper tigers and modern political Boxer Rebellion. The entire Qing Revolution in 1890, 1899, 1900 and 1901 was exactly the same as it is now. At that time, Christianity, Catholicism, and various religions were persecuted, and the Boxers was established. Then, Yuan Shikai came to power and allowed to missionaries to bring religion back. He was a wise person. However, he could not prevent the demise of the Qing Dynasty. Because the Qing government is rotten and empty in terms of national rule, state power, national strength and national fortune. It was inevitable that Qing dynasty will come to its own demise!

The demise of the Qing Dynasty is just the matter of who will destroy it and how it will be destroyed. Finally, it was Yuan Shikai.

Today the so-called European Simpson Project was cracked down and exposed, Europe was shocked. This is the best thing that could ever happen to us. The core EU countries—Switzerland, Germany and France, which are the best friends of the CCP, are shocked the most.

The Bugs and surveillance cameras, spy devices found in Brussels are really shocking. 3 years after they were trying to clear the internal spy organization, today they are still finding that the spry monitoring systems were everywhere, plugged into furniture, televisions and computers…. surveillance camera, inside the vehicles and were all done by the local people.

CCP seems to be very capable, right? Reflecting back, At the time Hitler had dealt with the Duke of Windsor in Britain. Even though The Duke went to visit Hitler’s base camp and aligned his belief with that of Hitler’s. But was Hitler destroyed? Yes, he was destroyed! How many stupid things did Hitler do after that? Like the ones they hit Stalingrad and the Soviet Union. what CCP is doing is exactly the same, CCP is looking for digging their own graves!

Part 2: Multiple “Mrs. Simpson” and “Duke of Windsor” delayed the RU Sanction against CCP and finally EU woke up and starts to clean its own house.

Miles Guo’s live broadcast: Deciphering the CCP’s “Simpson Project” A large number of “Mrs. Simpsons” uncovered in Europe implement

Today, the CCP has developed spy organization infiltrated US and Germany, Italy, also UK and Japan, and many other countries. Not to mention Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In each of those jurisdictions, there are several “Dukes of Windsor”. For what happened in the U.S. recently, all was originated from the CCP’s influence in the U.S. Because the CCP has the “Dukes of Windsor” in the U.S. It has even several backups. It also has several so called “Mrs. Simpson’s” in the U.S.

Around June or July of 2020, When I spoke to a general in NATO, I told him that you must remember what I am telling you today; there are numerous “Mrs. Simpson’s” in NATO, in European Parliament. You can go check, that European Parliament will start the full-scale (sanctions against CCP). They were to act in June, July 2020, but that was blocked by numerous “Mrs. Simpson’s” and “Dukes of Windsor” in European Parliament.

By the time of November, I had repeatedly said that Europe and NATO would have big operations which were canceled by the NATO’s internal organization, the so – called “European Security Assessment Committee”.

The PEC in Europe also blocked several so-called sanctions. I can’t imagine it took so long for Europe to work with the U.S. In fact, the trip that Mr. Pompeo made t the time, the former Secretary of State of U.S. to Europe was also about imposing joint sanction upon the CCP.

If Europe has not declined to designate the CCP as committing genocide and crimes against humanity, the sanction against CCP would have started by then.

The EU has finally resolved many internal spy cases involving “Mrs. Simpsons” developed by the CCP in the EU for a very long time. The NATO and EU were totally shocked when they finally resolved those big cases. When our NFSC and I started to work with EU back then I said, believe me or not, the most secured and protected halls and Brussels are filled with cameras and monitoring devices which belong to the CCP. I also told them that many secretaries of EU and some high-ranking secretaries are “Mrs. Simpson’s” of CCP. I told them about this three years ago, and they finally solved the case just recently.

Dear fellow comrades, do you really believe it’s easy to take down the CCP? EU will stand with the U.S. without hesitation because they don’t have any other choices. EU will stand with our NFSC and follow us the take down the CCP. After the investigation in which many spies were cracked, people were really shocked. Europe has been covering up many things. When Europe announces this several scandals in the following days, the world will be shocked. Switzerland and Germany, France are countries be very friendly with the CCP, they were shocked the most.

The Bugs and surveillance cameras, spy devices found in Brussels are really shocking. They could be still found three years later after I first tipped NATO. They were everywhere, plugged into furniture, televisions and computers…. surveillance camera, inside the vehicles and were all done by the local people.

The CCP is attacking the whole world.

There are “The Duke of Windsor” and numerous “Mrs. Simpsons” all over the world, the “Mrs. Simpsons” in NATO and the European Parliament prevented the big sting operations that NATO and the European Union had to carry out last year. The cameras and monitors deployed by the CCP in Brussels are everywhere.

As the European Union successfully uncovered the “Mrs. Simpson” latent by the Communist Party and its implementation of the “Simpson Project” in Europe, the European Union has recognized the threat of the plan. This means that the European Union will stand with the Americans and the New Federal State of China without hesitation in the future to resolve and destroy the communists.

Japan is the only country that dare not face the “Simpson Project”, and it will pay a huge price for it.

Mile’s Guo’s comments on the infiltration per the “Simpson plan” in various countries

Germany: The CCP has penetrated the entire European economy and finance. CCP bought out large German companies and scientists. In Shanghai, Beijing’s German Scientist Park, Volkswagen’s “Lover” compound, German entrepreneur’s Simpson Project… These are all straight forward and unabashedly open BGY activities. It is everywhere in Brussels and Germany in Europe. How can it be cleaned and cleared up? almost impossible (without suffering internal certain degree of destruction).

United Kingdom: “Today at 10 Downing Street, England, there are countless Mrs. Simpsons, countless Mrs. Simpsons in Parliament.” Mr. Guo commented on the British, “British people always wake up after being beaten and shed blood. Government is very corrupt and extremely cheap.” Mr. Guo personally witnessed the bribery of too many ignorant, cheap, and lowly British politicians. However, it will take a long time for the British Mrs. Simpson to be discovered. The European Union has found it earnestly and has recognized this danger. We hope that the New Federation of China is able to take real and effective actions cooperating with European to achieve the eradication of CCP in the future.

Japan: Now let’s talk about Japan. Until now, Japan is the only country that is afraid to face the Japanese Simpson Project. In Japan, the political corruption and fear of the Communist Party were beyond believed and completely messed up by the Simpson Plan. Japan is in dire situation and will pay the price. I hope Japan will wake up as soon as possible. We are working hard to wake them up.

France: France is a country that kneels down when threatened. Many people say that French romance is simply morbid, and there are very few brave French. Just look at the behavior of Macron. Most of the people who kneel down on the CCP and praise CCP are the French.

Miles Guo said, “We have to let western countries understand that CCP is the Boxer, not so magical. What we are waiting for is the US White Paper report on virus and the official report of the Hong Kong genocide. We are waiting for the punishment verdict on CCP.”

The significance of breaking the Simpson plan to the New China Federation’s extermination of CCP

The exposure of the entire Simpson Project in Europe has prompted a high degree of awareness in many countries, and the awakening of the people of those countries that will make the differences. They really know that the Coronavirus is a CCP biological weapon and is a mass murder of mankind. Let the world know that there is no choice but to eliminate the CCP.

Miles Guo affirmed, “This era and this moment is the greatest moment in history for the New Federal State of China. In the future, in Europe, in terms of Finance, G Coin, G Dollar, GTV, and Gnews, they will definitely cooperate with us in an all aspects.”

Huobi went to Singapore, it has something to do with Jiang Zhicheng (grandson of CCP’s previous party leader Jiang, Zemin). But it definitely will go under. The Finance of Singapore will pay a huge price for it. Miles Guo said, “We have to awaken them one by one and let them know that the “Simpson Project” is very harmful to these countries.

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