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The Act has 281 pages and 5 major chapters including CCP’s aggressive economic activities and malicious attacks, digital authoritarian, military expansion, and ambition for Taiwan, as well as suppression of Hong Kong and Xinjing issues. If you remember, the most important is the origin of the virus. A report must be filed within 180 days. A report about Wuhan virology institute must be filed. Whether their genetic engineering has gain of function experiments kind of work.

The report also includes the relevant research institutes associated with Wuhan, just like mentioned in our previous episode, a 241 items report is required. That is the key to all.Every bit of this is targeting CCP, even some small items. For instance, from 2022 to 2027 every fiscal year. Assign 15Million dollars to assist US companies to move out of China.To disperse the supply chain. Another 75 Million is planned to be used on promoting long term, transparent, high quality infrastructure constructions. Suppress the one belt one road of CCP. Although the money is not much, but that is an item in the Act.

Therefore, this is taxpayer’s money of 15 Million per year for 5 years.This is the guideline money from the US government. Then the government just has to do license granting and banks can issue loans. So, although 15 Million seems not much but it is an important guideline, just like the old fashion pressure well. You need to dump a bowel of water before it will automatically be pumping. It is the same concept. 15 Million is not much but sufficient to have wall street capital heading this direction.