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The title was quoted from an earlier article of ABC News, The Jokers in Iraq’s Most Wanted, January 7,2006. Even today a mirthful maelstrom is generating after many years inside my body when reading it. The Saddam Hussein regime was collapsed quickly after nearly one month of major combat operations by U.S., British, Australia and Poland troops. One funny episode is the coalition forces to issue “Most-wanted Iraqi playing cards” that activated the countdown of both Saddam regime and its individuals. There was an evil scientist Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash, the only female on the list , her nickname is Mrs. Anthrax. 

The salute means adherent to tyrant and massacre to people always in totalitarian state. The size of CCP (Chinese Communist party) today is much bigger than Arab Baath Socialist Party of Saddam,  you will find that CCP is a Polyphemu of 21st century when we look back the Liaoning carrier performance in South China Sea in the last few days, we-the people that was born to delete CCP are not Nobody, are gravedigger.

One of the generals of PLA (People’s Liberation Army) in China Wei Chen who became popular as a virus expert since the end of December 2019, there are more people who involve in the virus creating, here is the name list published in media as below:

Image: Twitter

1. Shi Zhengli
2. Guo Deyin
3. Cao Wuchun
4. Li Fang
5. Wang Linfa
6. Tu Changchun
7. Jin Ningyi
8. He Biao
9. Jiang Shibo
10.Du Lanying
11. Zhou Yusen
12. Gao Fu
13. Wang Changjun
14. Tan Wenjie
15.Wu Yangguang
16. Fan Quanshui
17. Chen Wei
19. Zhou Peng
20. Deng Hongkui
21. Li Feng
22. Yuen Kwok-yung
23. Leo Poon

Image: G-TV

List is to be added. As Xi Jinping (the president of the CCP) and his predecessor have started “the 13579 plan” since Chi Haotian’s  evil speech “War is not far from us, it is the midwife of the Chinese century” in 2006. Undoubtedly, rest 21 persons who involved in bioweapon production is easy to reveal. I am quite willing to see “ The Jokers in Communist China’s Most Wanted”. Those scientists could not be as lucky as Mrs. Anthrax who was released in 2005 after request by the American Association for the Advancement of Science , who called for Ammash to be either sent to trial or released. Don’t even think about any forgiveness after million people were killed by the CCP’s bio-weapon. These CCP’s abettors can be survived only by acting as tainted witness, no other alternative choices.

More information:

13579 plan of the CCP:
1 Create a biological weapon
3 Implemented within three years from 2017
5 Guarantee that such weapons will be effective for five years
7 Completely paralyze seven countries (including the Five Eyes Alliance and Japan and India)
9 Vaccines will be released within nine months to threaten the world

The 13579 plan is personally executed by Xi Jin-ping.  Starting in 2017, the CCP will ensure that it will be effective within 5 years. The release of the coronavirus has deliberately spread to the United States, causing widespread deaths among Americans and the complete destruction of the U.S. government. Ensuring that the Chinese Communist Party’s red gene rules and enslaves the world.

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