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The recent outbreak of “Tesla brake failure” in China is like a drama that has been staged according to the usual script of the Chinese Communist Party. First, a woman made a fuss at the Shanghai Auto Show, crying “Tesla brakes are not working”, which stirred up the whole place and attracted public attention. Then the official media came in, first Xinhua News Agency asked, “How can Tesla treat consumers like this”? Then the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection also started to speak out. Is it strange? A “quality accident” made the CCDI enter. Tesla, under pressure, produced technical data from the owner’s last 30 minutes of braking the car, proving that there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. It’s supposed to be over, right? No, the husband of the woman who defended her rights, who goes by the screen name “Central Plains War Wolf”, claimed that Tesla’s release of driving data violated privacy. Then came the familiar scene of a flood of Tesla owners from all over the world saying they had experienced brake problems, and then, there was a ban on Teslas on the highway in a certain place, and a ban on Teslas in a certain neighborhood. We expect that the slogan “Tesla insults China” will be shouted immediately, and all people will boycott Tesla.

This is the usual tactic of the Chinese Communist Party, which never discusses the matter, but first incites emotions, and then immediately becomes a “foreign enterprise” bullying Chinese people. There are seemingly neutral ones, such as Hu Xijin, who said “the official media is not suitable to intervene in civil disputes”, giving people the most objective and neutral feeling, while there are also self-publishers who play the role of supporting Tesla and arguing with the opponents. Because there are two sides, the event can be hotter and hotter, pulling in some curious people slowly, and then lead to the direction they want to go. This kind of “Internet marketer” operation are common, in various “insulting events” can be seen, and even applied to foreign political arena, to subvert a regime, such as South Korea’s Park Geun-hye, was ousted in this way.

Why “Tesla”? At the moment when China and the United States are decoupling, in order to create a little atmosphere for the domestic public, they need to get a U.S. company to irritate. At the same time, it also sends a message to the U.S. government, see, I am capable of tossing you.

By the way, let the common people vent their anger. Now that the economy is poor and the common people are under great pressure, change the goal, don’t stare at the CCP. Let’s engage in Americans together.

At the recent auto show in Shanghai, the most popular concept was the “smart car”, which is electrically driven and driverless. Even Huawei and Evergrande have shown their smart cars, who is the boss of this industry? Tesla. So also need to go fuck Tesla. By speculating on the concept of smart cars, harvesting riches, it is likely to be the last one, must be as extreme as possible.

In fact, things are very simple. The Chinese Communist Party’s plans are clear to all who are calm, but inside Communist China, in that atmosphere, they are wrapped up in it. That’s what it has been doing since it stole the government.