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The video clip taken by a US Navy soldier, shows a J-15 fighter landing on the deck of the Liaoning aircraft carrier. This was part of the taking off and landing training on the CCP Liaoning aircraft carrier. Recently the US navy was closely monitoring Liaoning’s activities at the close range on the sea, from a distance between two to three kilometers.

On April 23, Mr. Miles Guo broke the news: The air fighters that took-off and landed on the aircraft carrier Liaoning were actually driven by Russian pilots and they were paid by hour by the CCP! In addition, the Liaoning aircraft carrier is in big trouble: the old-fashioned balancing device was blown out, and the aircraft carrier cannot operate normally!

The CCP rules China by deception in every aspect. Right now it’s trying to use money to buy power and prestige to deliberately deceive the allies of maritime powers headed by the US Navy. This can only make it even more vulnerable as the situation gets worse, and it will lead to a dead end. It seems that the Liaoning will soon be left powerless and just function as a hotel on the ocean!

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