Translated by Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) – Antsee-GTV
Proofread by Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) – Liberte

Recently, some of our fellow fighters collectively suffered from a “Duan Xiu Wei” syndrome. Do you know what it means? When thinking of the “nine-fingered demon Sara (VOG),” the psychological disgust and nausea disables you from any activity you are engaged in, especially sexual activities. The effect of this sudden interruption and the damage caused to the body is more severe than that of the virus. Other fellow fighters reported that they had the same experience.

The singer Yin Xiumei is quite a good person, I met her twenty years ago, and she indirectly did a favor for me. Unlike some other female singers, who are very frankly looking for a sugar daddy or being someone’s mistress, she is not that greedy.

My wife has recently become obsessed with two shows (both are social media personalities). One is Yi Zhongtian. My wife is watching almost all his past speeches. The other is Lao Liang. Not only does she watch their shows, but she also discusses their programs with me. Since my mother passed away, she was not herself for a long time. But recently, she has been in a better mood.

After thirty years of marriage, she still idolizes me in her heart. Love is based on sex, and everything else is just decoration. But mutual respect is necessary.

Japanese Geisha are trained from a very young age. The Japanese restaurant in Pangu Plaza has Japanese Geisha. My partner Lao Kai recruited them. I unwrapped the secret of why he had four or five “wives”. Why? He was bidding for them. If you are not in a good enough financial situation, you can also bid for a Geisha jointly with others. My partner was wealthy, so he bid individually. In the Japanese nightlife culture, all sex-related activities are not of physical origin, but rather of mental origin. Therefore, the brain is the key, and Geisha are masters at arousing men’s sexual impulses.

In the domestic entertainment world (for example people like Yin Xiumei and Lao Liang) almost everyone knows about the Whistleblower Movement and that Tang Ping is involved in it. Tang Ping has a nickname in the entertainment industry. She came to Canada after getting divorced. She quickly got over it by finding a boyfriend. Many of her acquaintances envied her.

You have no idea how fabulous your Brother-7 was in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. I had the most tickets all the time. The Olympic Games gather the world’s most physically talented individuals in one place on earth. So, it was during the Beijing Olympics that I made many acquaintances in the sports world.

Once a sports personality said he was fond of Ye Zhaoying at that time, and planned to grow a personal relationship with her. But Hao Haidong suddenly successfully “slide-tackled” her (pursued Ye Zhaoying). The sports personality still broods over that. What made him (and other athletes) more jealous is that Hao Haidong and Ye Zhaoying later settled in Spain, and joined the Whistleblower Movement. Moreover, Hao Haidong read the Declaration of The New Federal State of China (NFSC) on June 4th, 2020.

Most professional athletes have seen the world, so they do not want to be the same as the domestic gang of brainless fanatics.

The branch of the 301 Hospital in Sanya Yalong Bay belongs to the PLA General Staff Department and the Ministry of National Defense. It is divided into the South Court, East Court, West Court, and the Special House. Wang Qishan went there secretly to visit some old comrades retired here.One comrade had many of Xi Jinping’s selected works in his residence. Wang Qishan avoided the entourage intending to speak in private. When the old comrade asked about Chen Feng, Wang Qishan suddenly became furious, like the devil. You can see how much the Chen Feng affair has irritated Wang Qishan. This time, his most trusted guard Pei Nanan, who has been following Wang Qishan for a long time was not by his side, and instead his guards changed every day. All this reflects Wang Qishan’s fear, nervousness, and sensitivity. Hainan is his favorite place.

Zeng Qinghong (a retired Politburo Standing Committee member of the CCP) spends every winter in Xiamen, Fujian Province. Wang Qishan goes to Hainan over winter. And the dead Deng Xiaoping used to go to Zhuhai, which are the lifestyle practices of the senior leaders of the CCP. Jia Qinglin always goes to Fujian in winter. This time, because of the Boao Forum for Asia – an actual conference for the BGY strategy – Wang Qishan took the opportunity to come back to Hainan.

Somebody reported to Wang Qishan that the CCP’s Liberation Army has been moving frequently, with aircraft carriers and other warships being launched one after another.

This individual said that President Xi has led China to develop from a third-class country into a first-class one in the past few years, and that China is on the way to become the most powerful country in the world. This person also said that China’s military, people, politics, party, and technology have all developed to a considerable degree, so it ought to be time to govern the world.

Wang Qishan looked at the person and asked him if he was drunk. He said: “you’d better go to the disciplinary committee and write a letter of repentance. This is all President Xi’s national strategy that no one should talk about freely like this.”  Wang Qishan’s mind was crystal clear, and he was alert.

I heard that the most critical stabilizer on the CCP’s aircraft carrier encountered severe problems. And that the pilots who take off and land on the aircraft are the hired Russians. The Americans and Japanese also got confused when it turned out that the CCP was hiring Russian pilots and paying them by the hour.

Xi has removed nearly 88 percent of the military’s officers in the past battles inside the party. They were all installed by Guo Boxiong and Xu Caihou (two of the former Vice-Chairmen of the Central Military Commission) in the Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin eras. Ding Xuexiang, Wang Huning, Xu Qiliang, Chief of General Staff He, Guo Shuqing, Pan Gongsheng, Han Zheng, Hu Chunhua (a group of current key political figures in the party and generals in the military) all have lost Xi Jinping’s trust.

By Xi’s side, there are only three people left who he trusts: Yang Jiechi, Wang Yi, and Hu Haifeng (the son of Hu Jintao, former General Secretary of the CCP). Xi has almost become a loner. Very pathetic.

With respect to the Siege of the International Legations in 1900, Empress Dowager Cixi’s situation was almost the same as the one Xi Jinping faces now.

The GDP of the Qing Dynasty was very impressive at that time. The art of gardening in China represented the highest level of sophistication in the world. Embroidery, art, painting, and sculpture were all considered at the highest level, but this did not mean that the country was strong, or that the ordinary people had a decent standard of living. China’s low cost and high efficiency are advantages, but these will eventually vanish as the burgeoning Whistleblower Movement progresses.

Someone tried to deliver some facts to Xi Jinping through Peng Liyuan (Xi Jinping’s wife), which caused Peng Liyuan great fear. It shows that nobody dares to tell Nutty Xi (Xi Jinping) the truth.

Now there are three questions. Firstly, how long will the CCP “rolling-pin” economy last before it collapses? Secondly, how long can Nutty Xi’s health last? Thirdly, will the world not ask Xi for an antidote to the virus? What will happen in this case?

Xiao Fei Xiang, a fellow fighter, is stunning. She is different in her live broadcast and in front of the camera. QMAY, Little Prince, Little Si Ji, Lao Kai, and other fellow fighters in the courtroom are in great spirits. I have seen such spirit in the young people inside the CCP. The CCP does have elites.

Adjacent to the US federal prison is a federal court, and the most elite and intelligent judges are in the Southern District Court of New York. Whether it is the US President or the recently departed Attorney General, they would face equal treatment and process if they were called to face justice.

But could a similar situation happen to Meng Jianzhu under the CCP’s regime? It seems that Meng has been released, in fact, under the surveillance of twenty-odd loaded-guns. Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, and three others, all of them and their families, will eventually be taken down by Nutty Xi, the same way Stalin did to his colleagues at the end of his days.

Our fellow fighters who protested in front of the SEC building showed moderation, restraint and order, demonstrating the image of the NFSC. The continued protests have made the Western media and politicians extremely impressed. I talked to an important person about officially recognizing the NFSC once he is elected president in the future.

At the trial, our opponents attacked us by using our past, intentionally edited, statements. I fought back with one claim: “if I were a spy, why would the CCP try to deport me back to China by means of Elliott Broidy’s lobbying?”

Brothers and sisters, you should remember this: how can you prove that the media is the primary power? Many people don’t take pre-trial questioning seriously, a step that may not guarantee you win the case, but which determines the cost of your case.

The deceitful bully bandits always arranged false witnesses to give false testimony. We should never do this. Doing so is self-destructive. It will help if you show your respect, gratitude, and absolute trust in the judge. Otherwise, you cannot win the case.

This case is very significant, and the potential benefits of a favorable verdict are also enormous. This case has consumed more than 1000 days from the beginning until now. Who can bear it? Our fellow fighters should learn English as well as possible. Otherwise, your life will amount to missing great chances to get closer to civilization. Meanwhile, you should keep safe, stay healthy, and gain as much education as possible.

In the future, I will do live broadcast to my fellow fighters who are present in the courtroom. The meaning of the trial is profound.