Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

Wang Qishan showed up in HNA

What is it for?

That is to persuade the world to continue making deals with the CCP

 “We’ve got a bonanza to offer and willopen up the market

We can BGY together to rip off the suckers.”

What does Wang’s appearance prove? What is behind it?

After Yang Xiong died, the Shanghai Faction

must have a more powerful representative

At the same time Wang Qishan

and Meng Jianzhumust come out

because Jiang’s faction has no one else as fit

Also, it shows that Xi can’t make any deals under the table with the West

without him(Wang Qishan)

Just look at Xi

Did Xi write the speech?

If not, then who wrote it for him?

The answer is Tiger Yang

I wouldn’t bet that Wang Huning had weighed in on it

The critical part wasplayed by another man beside him,

this mavin surnamed Yang is the one who helped him write it

Yanghas the savvy about the international situation

However,drafting such a speech for Xi under this circumstance

is definitely to sabotage Xi

Furthermore, we can see that

Xi is in a precarious status

scared to death

It indicates that the economy of China is on the edge of a precipice

The biggest trouble for the CCP

is that both its foreign trade and international relationships suffer disastrous blows

That’s why he has to unite with Wang now

in dealing with the west to solve the domestic problems

Meng Jianzhu will show up too

Just see

where Meng will go first

If Meng comes out, he will definitely visit the Middle East

Turkey in the Middle East

The Mekong River in Southeast Asia

is the so-calledline of intelligence and intereststhat Meng createdfor the CCP in South Asia

It is also a line of life and death, and of drug trafficking, thus called a dark line

Then in the Middle East, the Turkey-Pakistan-Afghanistan line

is the so-called counter-terrorism line,

starting from the Strait of Malacca to the Suez Canal,

to Egypt andthe Middle East

What for?

It’s actually another dark line for intelligence and oil

Thesecurity organization servingthe One Belt One road initiative

was established by Meng

All of these will be put into operation

And now the CCP is working on the DCEP crypto currency to challenge the US dollar

and trying to dominate the South China Sea, Taiwan

and even the entire Southeast Asia,

to drive out the US

while promotingextreme nationalism

and the so-called extreme patriotism

at home

Let’s look back at the period from 1932 to 1945

when Nazi German and Japan did the same things

The most lamentable is that

all of these are at the price ofthe Chinese people’s blood and sweat

All your future and livesare traded for

thecontinuous blossoming of a handful ofblood-thirsty monstersinZhongnanhai

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