Author: 骑着毛驴来挺郭, Pearl White, Chloe
Proofreading: TonyJ

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) issued a low-key response to The U.S.- Japan Joint Leaders’ Statement (1). The statement stresses the need for unity and cooperation and rejected decoupling.

On April 19, Wenbin Wang, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, responded to the China-related content of the joint statement issued by the U.S. and Japanese leaders in their meeting. He argued that the U.S. and Japan did not represent the international community and that it was the United Nations organization that infiltrates and controls that represents the international community.

Wang dodged the subject on the origin of the coronavirus. Instead, he accused the US and Japan of their political manipulation on the anti-epidemic issue.

Mr. Wang’s entire response was much more low-key. Instead of using phrases like “harshly condemning”,”firmly opposing”, or “never agreeing”, he complained that the U.S. and Japan were engaging in small circles.

Did such low-key attitude indicate that China was going to yield to the pressure of the US and its allies? No. The Global Times, the well-known Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpiece, has said that China should try to stabilize the relationship between China and the US, but at the same time to enhance its military power, especially the nuclear power, and advance its technology (2).


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