In his April 23, 2021 AM show, Lude shared a news from mainland China about Tesla. According to the Sina news on April 19, a female from Henan Province, named Zhang showed up on the first day of the AUTO Shanghai 2021 event, wearing a T shirt with a print saying that Tesla cars had a flawed break system. This caught attention to people at the show.[1]

On April 22, PM, Tesla publicized the digital record of the one minute before Zhang’s car accident together with a written document. In the midnight, Zhang’s husband Li told a reporter of Elephant News that he was going to report Tesla to relevant agency in the Zhengzhou City Government for its violation of their privacy (driving record).[2]

Tweet translation: Following a complaint of a female Tesla driver at AUTO Shanghai show publicly, people in mainland China started a Cultural Revolution style condemnation targeting Tesla. In this video, a worker at a parking lot stopped a Tesla driver from entering the parking lot, claiming that Tesla’s breaking system was flawed.

1. Tesla publicized a one-minute driving record of Zhang’s Tesla car right before the accident. The finding shows that it was not Tesla’s breaking system’s fault, rather it was Tesla’s collision avoidance function that helped prevent a car accident before the driver almost hit a pedestrian.

2. Neither BMW or Mercedes-Benz cars have the automatic collision avoidance function that Tesla cars have because these traditional cars are made by mechanical companies, while Tesla is a space technology company and uses space technology on cars. When emergency occurs, Tesla’s collision avoidance system can quickly adjust the car’s moving track and speed based on its very fast computation, to protect the safety of people both inside and outside the car. This is the power of modern technology!

3. It is simply impossible for any electric vehicle brands of the CCP to have an automatic collision avoidance system like Tesla’s. This requires not only advanced software systems, but also high-end hardware equipment, which is equivalent to that when aerospace equipment is running at high speed, the system can respond to obstacles ahead and adjust its running track. The CCP has none of these technologies.

4. This is obviously a case carefully orchestrated by the CCP aiming for suppressing Tesla in mainland China. When Tesla made public the one-minute driving record, the CCP quickly turned to accuse Tesla of infringing on drivers’ personal privacy. This is completely nonsense because the car owners must agree to the relevant terms before enabling the automatic avoidance system on their cars. These terms include allowing Tesla to collect driving data, otherwise the automatic collision avoidance system will be impossible to operate.

5. The CCP’s ways of discrediting Tesla are very low, but not surprising at all based on its terrible track record with foreign companies. The leaders of the CCP Propaganda Department must have never driven a Tesla. This incident once again allowed American tech companies to see clearly the evil nature of the CCP. No matter how large a market you could have in the communist China, the CCP can suppress you at any time, without any respect of the rule of law.

6. Driving data is what the CCP is currently lacking. So it’s likely that the CCP hopes to use this incident to promote its legislation to legalize its collection of driving data of all people in mainland China so that it can monitor the privacy of the Chinese people more closely. Note that the CCP develops science and technology not to face any so-called external threats from what they called imperialism enemies, rather it is for controlling and suppressing its own people. Likewise, its development of aircraft carriers is not to protect its people from the so-called invasion of imperialism countries, rather it is used to prevent its own high-level communist party members from defecting in submarines. And more ironically, the CCP’s warships so far are only used to ship infant formula for the leaders and elites of the CCP.

7. Even though the CCP suppresses Tesla for its political agenda, Tesla’s withdrawl from the CCP market will inevitably make the CCP itself the biggest loser. Many related domestic companies will go bankrupt leading to a large number of workers unemployed. Other domestic electric car makers will lose their role models. This will greatly and negatively impact the electric vehicle industry in mainland China.

8.Tesla’s overall strategic plan shows its great vision of the future. First, it masters the most high-end technology through the development of aerospace projects, and then enters the energy supply industry to break through the shackles of traditional energy. Second, it develops the space WIFI technology. In the future, Tesla cars can serve as a moving signal transmitting station. Also it develops a system that controls the launching and landing of rockets. The future application of this system in the automotive field will completely change the way how human travel. A CCP company like Huawei can never understand what Tesla’s great plan means. Only when China truly integrates into the Western world and abides by the Western rules can the Chinese people truly realize their dream of possessing modern technology.

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