In 1967, at a high school in California, Ron Jones, a young teacher, put forward powerful slogans, “Discipline builds Strength,” “Unity builds Strength,” and “Action Build Strength. ” He disciplines his students with strict rules, instills collectivism in them, and demands absolute obedience and discipline. Surprisingly, the students were very submissions and engaged in it in unison. They shook their spirits, put on their uniforms, did inter-class exercises, supervised each other, and soon merged into a new group. Forty-one years later, the Germans adapted this actual event into the film Die Welle (2008).

The teaching experiment called the Third Wave Movement online revived fascist authoritarianism in just one week.

I expounded the first three days’ story of the film in my “Thinking about the Dictatorship of the Communist Party of China” ( triggered by the movie “The Wave” and continues to express the view.

In the Communist Party’s educational approach, the Chinese people’s reaction to dissent is within the following: when someone raises an objection or disagreement, most people’s response is usually red-faced, angry and angry, and will treat the person as an enemy to suppress and keep him away. 

The crimes of the Chinese Communist Party are numerous included persecuted various religions, “live organ harvesting” of Falun Gong followers,

lock up compatriots of Xinjiang in concentration camps, the massacre of Tibetans, and the indiscriminate arrests, rape, and kill of Hong Kong people through the “National Security Law.” 

The Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of ethnic minorities, religious beliefs, and Hong Kong is innumerably brutal. Through anti-corruption operation, the Communist excluded dissent through the launch of the Cultural Revolution, land reform, repression of counter-revolutionist, and in the name of aiding North Korea in the Korean war. They are guilty of the most heinous crime.

The film named the group, designed the logo, and created a social media space. The teacher gave the group and every individual a fire-up encouragement and put forward the slogan “Action Casting Power, Create Creativity for the Group, dedication for the collective entity,” which undoubtedly incited everyone to become fanatics, equivalent to the use of mass movements.

That is the launch of mass movements and propaganda power. When individuals go crazy, they make many crazy moves, mass movement, which can become uncontrollable.

To maintain the dictatorship rule, the Communist Party is best at launching mass movements.

It started by mobilizing the students, workers, and farmers, repeatedly using mass movements to initiate land reform, and then continuing to launch land reform after becoming the ruling party, demonizing landlords, wealthy farmers, and creating hatred, resulting in brutality and bloodshed. Besides, such as the Great Leap Forward, the People’s Commune Movement, the movement against Three evils and Five evils, the Cultural Revolution, and so on, these are all for the evil dictatorship, establish and enhance the absolute authority of the thieves, exclude the actions of dissidents.

Look at the movie’s passionate students like the Red Guards and Red Guards of the Great Cultural Revolution, wearing red armbands and posting large-character posters everywhere and going around to criticize. If they are not already extreme nationalists, they will eventually become fanatical nationalists under the continuous propaganda and guidance of the Chinese Communist Party. Under the constant brainwashing of the Communist state, it imbued the people with the idea that Western powers and imperialists intend to destroy China. People who grew up in the Communist country hate America, hate the West, hate all opponents of the CCP, living in the whirlpool of populism.


The students’ “motivation” was thoroughly inspired and even came up with a “wave” of exclusive greeting gestures, with the consent of Mr. Wengel, the central figure and spiritual leader, and informing all students in a class to comply with the rule. After class, even developed to make “wave” greeting gestures can enter the school. At this point, other groups that approached the “wave” student to argue over their logo that painted over, the former cowardly student who ventured up the building the night before suddenly pulled out a handgun and threatened to blow the other person’s head if he did not leave. Another thing is happening, too, with anonymous people posting in the “wave” space: “Received threats from ‘wave’ members, if you do not join the ‘wave’ will lose all friends.” “

At this time, the “wave” has come to life. Through the core of the infinite trust and admiration, the “wave” organization completely caught the incited students through their unlimited confidence and esteem for their central figure.

As the organization’s self-growth and spread, becoming irrational and judgmental has not allowed the existence of different voices, restrict personal freedom, and even began to threaten violently.

By this time, the “wave” has taken on a life of its own. The incited students have fallen entirely into the “wave” organization through their infinite trust and esteem for the core leader. As the organization grew and spread itself, they lost their sanity and judgment as if they had taken drugs. It did not allow the existence of different voices, restricted personal freedom, and even began to threaten violence.

We then look at the mass movement launched in the Cultural Revolution, the Red Guards with red armbands, shouting “Long live Chairman Mao.” They hold Chairman Mao’s quotations and instructions to arrest and criticize people, even illegal detention, public humiliation on the street, smashing and looting, obtaining wealth by murdering, and other evil acts. They reviewed everyone’s words and deeds, background. Prohibit any dissident voice. The Chinese Communist Party today is even worse than ever. They use violence to suppress people coming to petition.  Ubiquitous speech, censorship, censored postings, and surveillance are the norm. City inspectors wantonly overturn vendors’ stalls. The police also used violence to enforce the law, the government, rampant demolition of private properties. 


When the teacher saw the news in the morning that the Wave logo has been spray-painted on a tall building under construction, he became angry and reprimanded the students in class. End of the course, there was questioning about the informer who spray-painted the logo mentioned in the newspaper, and the teacher refused to inform and said that you have to be united. By this time, the teacher realized that his lab session was out of control.

In the afternoon, there was a water polo competition with other schools. Members of the “Wave” issued white shirts with the “Wave” logo at the stadium entrance and asked the school students not to enter the museum. Near the end of the game, when the score was a stalemate, the members of the “Wave” took the initiative to attack the other team, causing violence. After the game, one of the students quarreled with his girlfriend, who opposed the “wave,” and hit her. The student was afraid and went to the teacher to ask to put a stop to the incident.

What I felt most about this lesson were the violence and the snitching. In the movie, the students became fanatical and violent because of the “wave” movement. In reality, under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party, people have become so hostile that they will fight with each other at the drop of a hateful word. The Chinese Communist Party can incite hatred and violence at will through its propaganda machines, such as the vandalism and violence during the boycott of Japan and South Korea.

Regarding whistleblowing, the teachers in the film did not break the bottom line of this point. On the contrary, the ruling Communist Party encourages students to make short reports from a young age. They encourage students to report teachers, children to tell on parents, wives to tell on husbands, friends, and neighbors to snitch on each other, and so on. Throughout the rule of Communist China, it was to achieve the enslavement and domination of the people by fighting people. “Challenge the heaven, fighting the earth, there is endless excitement fighting with people ” is the Mao Zedong, a disgusting crook well-known saying. 

In the film, the awakened people called for an end to the “wave” movement, just as our vigilant comrades of the Whistleblowers Movement and our prominent leader Mr. Miles Guo to fight together against the Communist Party.


The teacher called all the members of the “wave” to meet in the school auditorium. He reproduced fascism more vividly, trying to educate his students that they resurrected fascism. 

At the end of the “wave” campaign of the theme week, the teacher began reading some of the excerpts of the students’ praises about the “wave,” and then he re-enacted the Nazi-era Hitler-style speech, the applause from the stage thundered, and the mood of the students rose again. 

Students who asked the teacher to end everything on Friday night once again came out against it. 

The teacher ordered a group of students to bring in the “traitor” to the podium, and then the teacher asked everyone how to deal with the “traitor.”  Nobody knows how to answer.

None of the students know what to do.

The teacher asked again, would you do it if you let you kill him? The teacher said that we could hang him or behead him to torture him until he gave in. That’s what authoritarian governments would do and told the students that they just realized what they were doing.

Do you remember the question in the classroom at the beginning? Is it possible for such a dictatorship to reappear today? That’s what we’re doing now, fascism.

We think we’re superior, better than everyone else, and we exclude all those who oppose us from our collective organization. 

We hurt them. We don’t know what else we’re going to do next?

 I have to apologize to you for conducting this experience. I’ve gone too far. It’s over.

At this time, most students wake up like a dream, with bewildered faces. The ending of the film is tragic. The once cowardly student has regarded the “wave” as the whole of his life. He shot a student to death in anger and finally committed suicide in lost tears. However, the reality of any mass movement under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party has ended tragically far more than in the movie. Seventy years of the system is a fascist dictatorship. The people instigated by the Communist Party have played the same role as the students in the film or even more brutal. They exploited the weaknesses of human nature and unleashed the maximum amount of human evil to maintain this dictatorial regime. The Whistleblowers Movement has awakened millions of comrades-in-arms. We are the lucky ones. In the future, more people will be awakened and joined the battle to destroy the Communist Party. The film review article hopes to let more people understand how the Communist Party of China rules, deceives and harms the people through co. Simultaneously, we must consciously eradicate Communist Party’s poison doctrine to become a “new” Federal State of China truly. Highly recommend this movie. After watching, it will enlighten you. You will have some empathy and something to ponder.

I highly recommended this movie. After watching it, you will suddenly realize that you will have some resonance and something to ponder.

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