Part I) and Part II, selecting some events at animal farms to compare the rule of the Communist Party of China and reveal the essence of communism. Besides, we continue in this (bottom) part. Many beautiful details are worth digging, worth our vigilance and thoughtfulness.

Some people may say that if it was not Napoleon, but Snowball, who came to power later, the direction and final ending of the novel might be much better. I don’t have any illusion about it. 

Beginning of the story, Napoleon and Snowball want to get rid of the oppression from the owner Jones.

 Napoleon began to become cruel and violent when he had power, deceived the masses, threatened animals with gangs (cultivating armed forces dogs), broke the Seven Commandments, etc. When Snowball had power, he had no objection when faced with the allocation of milk and apples to the pigs.  Snowball and Napoleon are in line with each other. There is also deception about the role of windmills. The management of the farm estate is also bureaucratic formalism. For the sacrifice of animals, they also felt that it was rightful and animals should dedicate to the collective estate. It can predict that the outcome will be the same regardless of who comes to power.

It is not someone who determines the direction of things, but the communist system of totalitarian dictatorship. Under this system, there is no supervision of power.  Under this system, violence becomes an instrument of evil, and everyone will eventually fall into a vicious circle of power struggle. At the end of the novel, “Animals’ eyes turn from people to pigs, from pigs to people, and then from people to pigs; now, it is impossible to distinguish which face is a pig and which face is human.” All pigs broke the Seven Commandments and became their enemies. Will it reminds you of the legend that “Dragon Slayer boy has become dragons? “?

Power can make people intoxicated, corrupt, and violent. Kissinger once said that power is the best aphrodisiac. Kissinger’s role between the Communist Party of China and the United States is the “pimp” in the novel. He enjoys the benefits brought to him by the totalitarian power of  Communist China. He misleads the whole United States and the world about the Communist Party of China. Scientific research says that power hurts the brain, an article entitled “Power causes brain damage” was published in The Atlantic, written by Jerry Museum. Using cites a series of new psychological and neuroscience studies to point out that the side effects of power are fascinating and corrupt and can cause brain damage.

The article mentions that Dacher Keltner, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, found that subjects immersed in the sense of power showed a symptom similar to traumatic brain injury: increased impulsiveness and reduced risk awareness. And must reduce the empathy ability.

Sukhvinder Obhi, a neuroscientist at McMaster University, made similar findings in his brain research. In transcranial magnetic stimulation of the powerless and powerless brains, he found that power undermines a specific neural process – “mirroring.” This discovery also provides a neurological basis for Keltner’s “power paradox,” in which he believes that “once people have power, they will lose some of the abilities necessary to obtain power in the first place.”

These studies remind me of the Lutheran December 2020 series. Xi Zong Accelerator-Xi Antenna Baby has a brain tumor. He has had many operations and had brain tumor surgery at the end of December 2020. These seem to inadvertently confirm the above scientist’s conclusion that “brain injury” and Xi’s impulsiveness have always been known for acceleration. Brain damage caused by this power also exists in Western democracies, but leaders in democracies are not unlimited power, and there is a term of office. The power of the Communist Party of China is a dictatorship, and President Xi accelerated the period of power to indefinite. It can see that President Xi’s brain tumor is not for no reason but the product of the totalitarian dictatorship of the Communist Party of China.

The above discussion is about the impact of power on those in power. Besides, influence also profoundly affected ordinary people, which reminds me of the experiment of power obedience. Obey authority experiment is a psychological experiment conducted by Stanley Milgram, assistant professor of psychology at Yale University, in 1961. The experiment proves that human beings have the nature of obeying authoritative orders. In some situations, people will betray the moral norms they have always followed and listen to the authorities to hurt innocent people. The dictatorship experiment carried out in the film Wave was also because of the students’ absolute obedience to Teacher Reiner, skidded into the abyss of dictatorship in only five days. Are ordinary people not responsible for tyranny? Not. The familiar people condone totalitarian dictatorship to some extent, or dictatorships take advantage of human weaknesses and human psychology in the group. In this regard, Le Pen has made a delicate description in Rabble.

Writing so much about the impact of power on people is not intended to criticize the administration itself. We blame that power is exploited by communism as one of the Achilles’ heels of human nature, and the money/capital and men and women/sex as the Achilles’ heel of human nature are also exploited by communism.

The Communist Party of China uses the three most fatal weaknesses of human nature to penetrate the world with blue (control online network), gold (bribing with monetary benefit), yellow ( seduction with sex), and 3F (weaken America, mess up America and destroy America). We see that  Communist China spreads evil communism by infiltrating the education institutions of the United States.

They control the dissemination of information, sways the truth, and undermines freedom of expression through censorship by infiltrating the mainstream media and social networks in the United States.

They try to hamper the progress and weaken theUnited States’ economy by infiltrating their financial institutions.

They penetrated the judiciary and Congress to undermine the rule of law in the United States.

They stole American technology and covered up the evils committed by infiltrating science and technology institutions. 

Finally, they control the democracy by manipulating the general election result of the United States.

The ultimate goal of the Communist Party is to manipulate the whole world through the United States and achieve communism, that is, the rule over the world, by subverting the foundation of the United States the Christian civilization. The great reset mentioned by the Communist Party of China and evil groups is to eliminate private ownership and Christian society. The ambitions of communism have been evident since its inception. When Marx was asked what his life’s goal was, he said, to overthrow God and destroy capitalism.

We see that we have tasted the sadness of human nature. How can we call for the return and change of human nature? How to realize the great awakening of humankind, recognize that communism is the public enemy of humanity, and eliminate communism? Is there nothing we can do? No, communism wants to overthrow most Christian civilization, so communism has been infiltrating Catholicism and Christianity. What communism fears most is Christian civilization: faith, so returning to faith and changing human nature through faith is also the most powerful magic weapon to eliminate communism through God’s saving people, by confessing to repenting and getting rid of corruption, and finally defeating Satan by returning human nature. At that time, the leader of the devil Satan, the Communist Party of China, the Great Red Dragon, will have no chance to take advantage of it. Only by eliminating the Communist Party of China can we break the totalitarian curse of communism.

Restore faith-based capitalism. No longer, capital dominates everything. Civilization is a process of progress. Capitalism also needs to be improved. Democracy is not an outcome. Democracy has always been in the process.

Himalaya Moscow Katyusha (RU) Ladin