The Communist Party of China instructed Internet censors to forcibly delete the public social media accounts of dozens of women’s rights advocacy groups in the country on the eve of the release of the decadal census data.

Because the latest ten-year data shows that the birth rate will decline significantly for the fourth consecutive year in the future, the one-child topic previously advocated by these accounts has now become off-limits.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on April 19: “In recent days, Chinese Communist authorities forced the cancellation of more than ten accounts on Weibo and Douban of the groups advocating for women’s rights.”

“Weibo” is usually called “Twitter of the Communist Party of China,” one of the most popular social media platforms in the Communist Party of China. is another widely concerned domestic social network service platform. The communists censor most Internet content, including the content published by users on Weibo and Douban.

This kind of thing is a common way for China to maintain stability. The people of the Communist Party of China have become common. Beijing will block possible questions about the dictatorship on the eve of the release of the decennial census data.

Demographers concluded from the census data currently available that “the number of newborns fell sharply in 2020, the fourth consecutive year after a brief increase in 2016 (the first year after canceling the one-child policy), ” the Wall Street Journal reported.

According to the World Daily, a spokeswoman for the National Bureau of Statistics of China said in a briefing on Friday (April 16) that the National Bureau of Statistics needs more time to complete due to the enormous amount of data collected.

The decline in the birth rate is like having ants in the pants for the Communist Party. To solve population and economic development, Communist China rarely appointed Cai Fang, an expert on population issues, as a member of the Central Bank Monetary Policy Committee. Last Friday, Cai Fang pointed out at the Forum on “Financial Risk Prevention and Control” that the nation’s aging and childlessness occurred simultaneously.

He calls for “full liberalization of childbirth, and otherwise when the total population enters negative growth (after 2025), there will be insufficient domestic consumption demand.”

Ironically, in the past few decades, young people have been encouraged to have “only one child” and forbidden to have two or more children. Mao Zedong actively discouraged young women from marrying and encouraging women to join the labor force in the early days of his position as chairman of the Communist Party of China from 1949 to 1976. This anti-family propaganda, coupled with the one-child policy later, aimed at addressing the fact that uncontrolled population growth in 1979-2015 may lead to an insufficient supply of food rations, which seriously affected China’s population size and demographic structure.

From 1979 to 1982, with the introduction of the “one-child policy,” family planning was a basic national policy.

The policy caused meager fertility rates for decades and indelible physical and mental harm to countless families and women through forced abortion and induced labor, which violated human rights.

Due to a traditional preference for boys, large numbers of female babies ended up homeless or in orphanages, and in some cases, were killed. “In 2000, reported that 90 percent of fetuses aborted in China were female. As a result, the gender balance of the Chinese population has become distorted. Today it is thought that men outnumber women by more than 60 million.

The World Journal pointed out on Monday that “the decade-old  one-child policy means that fewer people are now of marriageable age, and fewer Chinese people get married every year.”

According to the December 2020 data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the Global Times said, “the number of first marriages has dropped from 23.86 million in 2013 to 13.99 million in 2019. The statistic shows that from 1990 to 1995, the birth rate in China fell from 21.06 to 17.12 births per 1,000 people.

Zhou Haiwang is a demographer and deputy director of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. 

 He says the main reason is the decline in newborns in the early 1990s, who are now in the  marriageable age.”

After finding there are not enough laborers, the population policy of Communist China will change from “one-child” to encouraging childbirth.

However, the cost of raising a child is high, coupled with decades of propaganda that” it is better to have one child,” the birth rate will continue to go down as the desire to have children among people of the right age decline. Now they delete the social media accounts of women’s rights advocacy groups. It’s just a way to cover up or trying to stop the water from boiling.

Himalaya Moscow Katyusha (RU) Ladin