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Date: April 23, 2021

Around the world, governments and companies are busy doing the research on how to make Covid-19 (the CCP Virus) vaccines. The famous Chinese anti-CCP whistleblower, Miles Guo, recently released his important intelligence information that the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has the antidotes for the CCP Virus.

On Wednesday (April 21, 2021) and Thursday (April 22, 2021), Miles Guo told the world that CCP had made antidotes for the so-called CCP Virus (Covid-19) even before the historical worldwide pandemic began over a year ago. In the first video presented on April 21, he simply stated the conclusion, and in the second video, he explained more details about why CCP has the cure for Covid-19 and stated his own options on how to pressure the CCP to publicize the antidotes.[1][2]

Miles Guo said in these two videos that he only learned that CCP has the antidotes in recent days (in his video, he said he did not know that CCP has the antidotes to the CCP Virus until 24 hours ago). Miles stated he was shocked by this news. Miles told this information to the world right away in a responsible manner.

I think his purpose to do this was because he wants to save the world from suffering from the CCP Virus. Yes, he was the person who wanted to take down CCP but based on his previous reputation as a whistleblower to reveal the evil behaviors done by CCP, we could trust his intelligence information. Or at least, as he has said: don’t trust me, but verify. An official who knows about the CCP and the Western world told Miles Guo that the intelligence information was particularly important.

The CCP made these antidotes for Covid-19 at the very beginning when CCP possibly developed the Covid-19 virus as a bioweapon, according to a Chinese researcher who told Miles Guo that the CCP has antidotes to its virus. 

In Miles’ video, he mentioned some evidence that CCP has antidotes. Some public, obvious, and interesting scenarios that happened in the day-by-day situation, which people could see publicly, could prove that CCP has antidotes for its virus.

  1. Different behaviors of meeting participants: In the recent CCP’s Central Committee meeting, as in the annual national meetings in March, top leaders who sat in the first two rows did not wear any face masks, but bureaucrats who sat in the other rows behind them were all required to wear face masks, and the same for the big crowd participants in the great hall.


Miles Guo wanted to tell the world about this new information, which he received and was verified by his sources, that the CCP has antidotes for Covid-19 (CCP Virus). He hopes the whole world should go after the CCP to force them to publicize the antidotes in order to end the historical pandemic crisis.

The major points of this information are the following:

  1. CCP has antidotes for Covid-19.

People who provided this truthful information to the world:

People familiar with Miles Guo know that he usually prepares three teams to finish a mission and to achieve his goal.

Why millions of people died from CCP Virus, but none of the CCP’s high-level families died.

The top-level CCP Central Committee members use the antidotes to control its people. According to the top-level government document of “The Important Working Guidelines in 2020” (《2020年工作方式的重要提要》in mandarin), the CCP or President Xi can decide who gets the antidotes and who is not on that list. This means only trusted persons, or their families could get the antidotes for CCP Virus. An individual cannot ask for the antidotes from CCP. Only the CCP or the Central Committee who are really being trusted by Xi could decide who can get the antidotes and who could not.

There are fewer and fewer people who could be trusted by President Xi now. For example, Han Zheng, could not get the antidotes for his family. When Han asked for more antidotes for his family, he got criticized by the CCP with the question “what does he want to do?” 

Han Zheng has not been in the central stage for quite a while. Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu and Ding Xuexiang are also stepping aside. There are four people who Xi trusts now. They are:

So, just keep an eye on those people or their family members’ health, and we could get a clue who has been given the antidotes and who has not been. Everyone inside the CCP or in the outside world can see who is trusted by President Xi.

How to change the CCP to make the antidote available to the World:

So, how can the rest of the world push CCP to give out the antidotes to its virus? Our CCP whistleblower Miles Guo provides his suggestion, and he said the process is very simple like below:

  1. Verify the CCP Virus (Covid-19) is from nature or not?
  2. If it is not from nature, then it is from the lab, which means it is man-made.
  3. If it is man-made, then who made it?
  4. When was the virus made? Why is the CCP the suspect?
  5. Directly ask the CCP for the antidotes to the CCP Virus.
  6. If the CCP would not cooperate and give out the antidotes, then ask those science researchers in Wuhan lab to come to the U.S. or other western countries to accept our assistance. We can just call it a Q&A, not a legal investigation. Through this Q&A process, we can ask the opinion about where the CCP virus came from? And how could people in the world conquer the virus and develop antidotes? We will see what those researchers say when they are safe from CCP control.
  7. If the CCP refuses these efforts, then there might be a deal with CCP, such as the CCP gives out the antidotes, and then, the rest of the world will not make CCP take the responsibility for this historical pandemic.

At the end of Miles Guo’s videos, he described the CCP’s behavior of using the antidotes as magic pills to control other people and the rest of the world, just like in some movies, like “Ashes of Time” 东邪西毒.  In this film the evil master made magic pills with dead corpses and used those pills to control other people. This means if you want to live, you have to ask for antidotes again and again. If you do not listen to the evil master, then, you could not get the antidotes. The CCP is doing the same thing now in controlling the antidotes of the CCP Virus.

The antidote is not the vaccine, and there are no effective vaccines, but the antidote exists:

To be clear, Miles Guo and his whistleblower Chinese scientists both believed that the antidote is not a vaccine from CCP or even from any other countries including the U.S. and Europe, or Russia, because the virus is a bioweapon: there are no vaccines because it is designed to mutate. This should be common sense.

And in such a short period, it is almost impossible to develop effective vaccines since the mutation is still going on. This is adding to the difficulties for vaccine development.

Above all, based on Miles Guo’s previous reputation as an anti-CCP whistleblower, the western world or even ordinary members of the CCP should think about why you could not get the antidotes from President Xi and his center core members?

In his video, Miles Guo told people who have the courage and want justice to ask the CCP for the cure: the antidote. We wish Miles Guo’s new intelligence information could give our world hope to stop the CCP’s pandemic soon.

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Publish: 奇门遁甲


[1] https://gtv.org/getter/60806fbc8616c84f0ff22004

[2] https://gtv.org/getter/608164998616c84f0ff26438

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