In the April 22, 2021 PM program, Lude and the PhD Team commented on Dr. Sellin’s two recent tweets.

1. Since the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) discovered the viruses ZC45 and ZXC21 and found  out that they can be used as the backbone of bioweapon viruses, they started their work in their laboratories immediately.

2. Dr. Sellin has digged out the key institutions and scientists involved in the development of the CCP virus. Even though the S protein is important in determining how contagious the virus is, the E protein is more critical because it determines how lethal the virus is. The E protein of the CCP virus perfectly matches the Zhoushan virus. Right after the CCP knew that Lude had got the true information about the virus, they immediately asked Shi Zhengli to fake a virus, called RaTG13 to mislead the world.

3. After the investigation, Dr. Sellin found that scientists who participated in searching and isolating Zhoushan viruses are all from PLA’s laboratories. None of them is from civilian laboratories. These scientists involved in the Zhoushan viruses research did not publish a single paper between 2018 and 2020.

4. The E protein of the CCP virus has dark secret in it. Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s 4th report is expected to disclose the secret about the E protein. According to Dr. Sellin, Malik’s team in the Hong Kong University P3 lab was the first to find that after replacing the E69 amino acids and 70G amino acids in the E protein of the SARS virus with arginine (R), the toxicity of the virus can be enhanced.

5. The secrets of the E protein in the CCP virus are beyond those disclosed above. Scientists around the world who do research on coronaviruses are all very familiar with the S protein, but they know little about the E protein. The article about the E protein published by Malik is only the tip of the iceberg. Malik has never published an article about E protein since then. However, the P3 laboratory of Hong Kong University has conducted very in-depth research on E protein. There are no more than three people in this world knowing the secret of E protein, and Dr. Yan is one of them. Even scientists in Beijing don’t know that Malik is the real “virus king”. This is the main reason why Lude Media, since his January 19, 2020 broadcast, insists that the Zhoushan viruses are the backbone of the CCP virus.

6. The U.S. military has long determined that the CCP virus is a biological weapon from the CCP’s laboratory. The current problem is how to completely solve the CCP virus problem. If the vaccines used now were developed based on the S protein (which is the case), it will become a disaster. If a virus is developed as an extremely lethal bioweapon, of course they won’t let you find a solution easily. Therefore, Dr. Yan’s report is aiming to call on scientists from all over the world to research on the E protein together, so that a solution to the CCP virus can be found. The whole world is looking forward to Dr. Yan’s fourth report.

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