Author: Giselle

Translator: Janyvo

Proofreader: Lish

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1. If a day goes by without fighting to take-down-the-CCP, the entire body aches restlessly.

2. From the spirit of economic reform, the pioneering spirit, to the spirit of Dabie Mountain …. together, 91 types of spirits have been planted into the mental state (of the CCP)

One word left out though:  illness 

In essence, causing a total of 91 types of mental illnesses

3. Biden came up with the first line (for the antithetical couplets): print money, issue debt, and raise taxes.

seeking for the matching couplet ….

[Note: The composition of Chinese antithetical couplets was a popular pastime in China for a long time.  As a custom, vertically written couplets are put up on both sides of the doorway to celebrate special occasions]

4. How do you see Zhao Lijian being concerned about the safety of Asian mothers and daughters in the US subways?

A wolf disguised in the flock, worrying about the sheep in the flock, being eaten by other sheep?

[Note: Zhao Lijian, a foreign ministry spokesman of the CCP regime, regarded as a warrior-wolf for his ongoing attacks on the free world and western values.]

5. What is the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) all about?

In short, a “Global Colonization Scheme”

First, knock you out with money so you agree to take out loans from the CCP to assist you in building your country’s infrastructure such as ports, bridges, oil and gas pipelines, undersea tunnels, etc..

Secondly, sit back and watch you succumb into massive debts, and wait for you to hand over the aforesaid facilities as collaterals since you have no ability to repay.

To legitimately colonize your country without much effort at all!   

A brilliant “Global Colonization Scheme”, is it not?!  

6. How to view “being wronged”, or “being attacked”?

When one drifts across Jianghu,

How can he not get attacked?

After being attacked frequently enough,

No big deal.

[Note:Jianghu (江湖),literal meaning is rivers and lakes, but here means a society. A society has vastness of turbulence, a society where people obtain their loaves at the peril of their lives or society people can’t do things of their own accord…]

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