A couple of days ago, I sent videos happened in China to a guy in China of some virus carriers spitting on groceries in supermarket and a woman contaminating buttons in an elevator with her saliva on purpose in pandemic area in order to remind him how dangerous it is there. He murmured to himself at the other end of internet, ‘they deserve to die…’

I am not willing to accept his fury. Every person on the earth deserves a descent life as well as all the other creatures. It doesn’t mean there won’t be farming and slaughtering but it is not supposed to be in a way of being cursed. However there are definitely people would rather make their own choice to be evil no matter what the consequence will be.

Religious beliefs are forbidden in China. All the people must believe in Communism only. But it is ridiculous that the top communist families don’t believe in the cult doctrine which they forced the others to follow. The CCP kleptocrats commit varieties of the most malign crimes like child raping, embezzlement, organs harvesting, oppressing freedom and so on without punishment because of the dictatorship power. They could be arrogant and cold blooded to ignore any rule of law. But there must be some justice in the universe no matter people believe or not. The most malicious people’s sins would pay back to themselves in malicious ways sooner or later.

Look at what is happening in China nowadays. The perpetrators who have enslaved the Chinese people and the accomplices as well as the coward people who dare not to protest the evil regime are suffering the most serious warning and punishment from the heaven although the coronavirus is man-made. Otherwise there won’t be any excuse to explain why it only happens there in such a stormy way.

Hundreds of thousands young medical students from the common families are willing to sacrifice their own lives to volunteer toward the pandemic front line without proper bio protective gears just because they believe the evil CCP’s summon. Thousands of offspring of top CCP official families are showing off their luxurious autos in safe USA at the same time. The children from the poor families don’t deserve to die but they have to only because they were brainwashed and cheated by the evil Chinese Communist Party. They could survive if they had the proper common sense to challenge the CCP’s lie.

Some disturbing video also shows that an officer hammered a strayed dog on the head with a heavy stick but failed to kill it with ten hits. Some Chinese people blamed the animals for the virus. And many securities and policemen beat the citizens even some were females just because they tried to get out of home or they didn’t have mask on. Many victims were wounded or cuffed away as detainees. The special team also dragged people out of their own homes and kicked them in a van against their wills to send into the forced quarantine camps. Those law enforcement members believe that they got the power from the CCP government and were authorized to break the law, to hurt the others. I believe nobody will suspect there is more fatal virus in their minds and they could catch the disease from outside and inside as well. Obviously are there more chances to be contaminated if they are bold enough to contact with the other suspicious virus carriers because they don’t have proper protection when they are so brutal and mean.

Without belief or love, how could those arrogant guys including the top sinful kleptocrats survive this impact from heaven? Do they deserve to live to spread the sins on and on?

According to the Buddhism, what people are suffering must be caused by karma they did before, and the karma they are committing will surely cause the imminent punishment.

Who deserves to survive? Who deserves to die?