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Getter Video link[April 22, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

[April 22, 2021] Video translation

Hello, my esteemed fellow fighters. It is April 22nd. Gee, how time flies. It is already April 22nd.

I just took a shower, so I think you probably know my arrangements today. Yesterday when I went home, I was exhausted. After I came back from court yesterday, I kept wearing my mask and had a meeting until 11:30 pm. Then, I rushed through another short appointment until 2:00 am this morning. Then I took a shower and went to sleep. But I woke up at 4:00 am and took another nap at 6:00 am for about 40 minutes. In total, I slept for two hours or so last night. While I was awake, I answered a bunch of phone calls.

I find it difficult with to describe the details about yesterday’s court session and my feelings about the bumps in the road with our fellow fighters. For now, l do not think it’s an appropriate time to talk about the details. I am so afraid I’ll be moved to tears. It would not be suitable to have others think I am too sentimental. When the trial is over, I will find time to chat with our fellow fighters via live broadcast to talk about my experience yesterday and how I felt about various aspects.

Another thing I want to share with you is about the Getter video I posted yesterday. In the video, I exposed that the CCP has the antidote for the coronavirus. The fact that the CCP has the antidote is a critical “ace card” for the world to take down the CCP, and it is also a piece of critical information with far-reaching implications.

As I came back yesterday, an important individual was here at my home. We talked while he was eating. He was eating, and I was wearing the mask. I said, “I’m responsible for you, so I’m wearing a mask because I just got back from a court session.” I watched a table of people eating until 11: 30pm. Yesterday, I was wearing my mask from morning until 11:30 last night.

All the Western officials engaged in serious business, who have a conscience, who know about the coronavirus, and have learned about the essence of the CCP, say why doesn’t the world take action? They say it is vital that I expose this secret information.

Yesterday I connected with a particular Asian country. They said, “Mr. Guo, we don’t mean to doubt you in any way. We want to know how we should proceed forward on this?” I said, “It’s easy. It will help if you first declare that the virus is not of natural origin. Since it’s not natural, then must be man-made. If it is man-made, then who made it…?” Everybody is now suspecting that the CCP is the sole culprit.

Why do some members of the CCP wear masks, but some don’t? Why did millions of ordinary Chinese people (Lao Bai Xing) die, including the Lao Bai Xing of Wuhan, but none of these high officials’ family members died? This fact is evident.

If the CCP denies having the antidote, you could ask the CCP to allow any of the researchers involved in the Wuhan P4 lab to come to the US or Europe to be questioned. For questioning only, not a trial. Asking these researchers to reveal what they know, or to explain to the world how to find the antidote to the coronavirus would be helpful.

Since you, the US and Europe, are afraid to ask the CCP for the truth about the virus, it would be a good idea that you at least look for the antidote to the coronavirus. You could guarantee the CCP that you will not hold them responsible, as long as they provide the cure. Doesn’t that sound good? That is rather good. The point is that the coronavirus antidote has now created a massive stir in the world.

Brothers and sisters. Even I never thought there would be an antidote to the coronavirus in the world until 48 hours ago. I’ve discussed this with various sources of fellow mainland fighters before. They all replied that there couldn’t be a vaccine because it was an artificial biochemical virus, so how could there be a vaccine? Which is basic common sense. Moreover, every virus is in the process of mutation.

Until someone told me: “Wengui, I can tell you, it’s not that pessimistic. There is an antidote to the coronavirus for the world as long as there are justice forces and righteous people with conscience in the West willing to step forward to take down the CCP.” I was shocked, and I said, “Are you kidding me? How is that possible? How can there be an antidote to a biochemical virus?” He said that as long as the researchers were working on it as a biochemical virus, there was an antidote, and then he gave me some information about the process, about which I was astonished.

But I thought it was great hope, so I immediately told one of my most crucial assistants by my side. This assistant specializes in science and is my gatekeeper for this kind of information. I told him: “go immediately to this institution and find these people to verify if this information is reliable.” The response was, “The information is accurate!”. 

Then I did further verification. In particular, I verified what he said about how the domestic Central Politburo, the Central Standing Committee will work in 2020.

Because of this issue, there are now barely any people available around Xi Jinping that he trusts. Han Zheng (Shanghai Gang) is never authorized to speak officially, and he was never promoted to high position by Xi. Ding Xuexiang (current General Secretary of the CCP), Li Zhanshu, and Wang Huning (members of the CCP’s Politburo Standing Committee) are gradually losing Xi’s trust, as you can see. Only three, technically four people left who Xi still trusts: his biological younger brother Xi Yuanping and the military’s Xu Qiliang (a naval general) – Xi Jinping has only “semi-trusted” him lately and is livid about Xu. Xi Jinping currently trusts Concubine Yang (Yang Jiechi) and Eunuch Wang (Wang Yi). Oops, counting on my fingers, it’s five of them.

I heard about the recent broadcast by the “nine-fingered demon Sara (VOG)” scam group. The number of participants has decreased from 100 to 60. Sara (VOG) has gone completely crazy and said that the head of the G-Coin and G-Dollar trading platform left. She claims, the research and development were left unfinished. As a result, it is impossible to go online to trade, she claims.

It is crazy that she can be this insane. Sara (VOG) is so bitchy! What a bitch! How dare you ask me to report you to the FBI? I do not need to do that because the FBI will definitely send you to jail. I just read the message Mulan sent me, and I couldn’t stop laughing for a second. Sara (VOG) always considers Mulan as her opponent. Mulan’s note said that Sara had a nervous breakdown, bullshitting about G-Coin and G-Dollar having not been developed at all and saying that the R&D crew had all left.

How can she lie like that? These sons of bitches suck. They are the worst people in the whole world.

Brothers and sisters, now Concubine Yang (Yang Jiechi), Eunuch Wang (Wang Yi), and Nutty Xi (Xi Jinping), along with his younger brother Xi Yuanping, command Xu Qiliang. Do you think the CCP such as this can have a future? I heard that everybody was dumbfounded at the recent internal gatherings. Regarding the antidote, those who need it cannot obtain it. I heard that Han Zheng violated the taboo, and was questioned about his reason for asking for some of the cure for his family members. “Why do you want the antidote? Hmm?” Eventually, those who need the treatment will take down those who control it.

That’s why, when the virus first appeared, Brother-7 revealed that the antidote would become a “human corpse pill.” In Chinese martial arts novels, the “human corpse pill” is always described as an evil method to control people after poisoning them first. Once you have to rely on the cure to survive, you are entirely dominated. In reality, the coronavirus and the antidote are the combination of poison and “human corpse pill” the CCP has prepared for the world. Do you get it?

“Oh my God!” Don’t misunderstand my reference to God with the false God that Sara (VOG) mentions – she is an idiot and a bitch. I almost passed out laughing at Mulan’s message this morning. It was ridiculous. She, Sara (VOG), is in such a miserable condition, but she claimed that I, Guo Wengui, have not committed to taking down the CCP, but rather taking her down?  You, Sara (VOG), are out of your mind and think too highly of yourself. I come after you? Ha!

But now, there is chaos within the CCP. Since I posted the Getter – I would show you the messages, but I cannot expose our fellow fighters – I’ve received over three thousand messages per hour, every hour. Many of our fellow domestic fighters within the system said: “Brother-7, the information about the antidote to the coronavirus is essential. You’re right. Look at the Central Security Bureau and the 8-1 building (a Central military Commission building). People in these institutions who wear masks and who do not wear masks reveals who has the antidote and who does not have it.”

In addition, some media are now promoting that Jack Ma was under investigation because of the disagreement with Liu He (Vice Premier of the PRC). These media are bullshitting. Liu He has already been kicked out of the power circle and has been abandoned for almost two years. He is also in feeble health.

Liu He was found to be corrupt to the tune of tens of billions. He was in an excellent personal relationship with Jack Ma. When I was still in Beijing, Jack Ma was very humble when he met Liu He. Jack Ma has no conflict with Liu He, but he might have sold out Liu He this time.

Liu He once went to the Davos Forum to help Jack Ma bring a bunch of things there. At that time, Liu He helped arrange the invitation to the UK Prime Minister and some European country leaders. Of course, these people are good friends of mine, and they asked me for advice: “Miles, should I go to the Davos Forum?” I said: “Why are you going there? Are you tempted by the tasty food?” They said, “Not at all. It was Liu He who invited me. He once helped.” I told them: “Well, then you go.”

This is common sense. Today when your brother-7 returns from court, I will continue exposing some of the stories behind.

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