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Getter Video link[April 21, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (2nd)

[April 21, 2021] Video translation

Esteemed brothers and sisters, today is April 21st. Is it 21st? Let me check. Yes, it is the 21st.

My goodness, brothers, and sisters, do you notice what is going on in China? This is a nightmarish year for local private entrepreneurs. Since last night, I have been talking to many funds, banks, and private entrepreneurs that I worked with in the past. There is much pain around them. How does the CCP treat them now? It used to be that the CCP would arrest you, (for example, Ye Jianming, Wu Xiaohui, etc). The CCP took your money, took your colleagues, assets, and family members away, and took the opportunity to have sex with anybody who was beautiful. Basically, the CCP won’t let you get away until they make your life miserable or even kill you.

It has changed now. After your life is made miserable by the CCP, you cannot die yet. You have to dress up, let the CCP slap you in your face a couple of times, and then they make arrangements for you to “come out” to publicly say that the CCP is great. Right? Like Jack Ma, showing up in bars, appearing in Russia, praising how wonderful the CCP is. Maybe he will go to Jinggangshan (CCP’s holy city) again, right? 

I heard that Wang Qishan attended the Boao Forum in Hainan. We call it a BGY Forum. Why did this old bawd come out? He made conditions. Wang Qishan demanded that Dong Hong and Ren Zhiqiang be released on bail due to illness. Their bail is in the process. Nutty Xi agreed to everything. So, the CCP is a trading gang, a mafia gang, there is no doubt about it.

I was watching G-TV just now. Very cool. The program on G-TV made by our fellow fighters from the US East group was mighty. Our beautiful host broadcast live and connected with the protesters in front of the SEC and the Southern District Court of New York. Can such a thing still exist in the United States now? It is not convenient for me to talk about it now because I will be in court this afternoon. So, let’s talk about it after I finish. 

Don’t forget what brother-7 says. We are playing the long game, a long game that you don’t know about yet. Remember: those who want to deceive the Whistleblower Movement, those who want to take the CCP’s money, and those who attack our fellow fighters, like the SEC, Elliott Broidy, and George Higginbotham, they will not end up well. Higginbotham’s case is the first of its kind that the Department of Justice has had since the United States’ founding. He is not the main culprit. He took the blame for someone else. 

We have to expose these people. After we have exposed them, we don’t care who is sincere or who pretends to be against the CCP. The objective we pursue is to take down the CCP. We don’t need to prove it to anyone, but we must achieve the result. We hope that in the American judicial, military, and economic circles, whoever speaks fondly of the CCP will be condemned, whoever does not oppose the CCP will be deemed as pro-CCP. This is our goal. We will let anyone who took money from the CCP cough up all the money.

Speaking of Japan, do brothers and sisters remember that I talked about Japan a few years ago? Japan is an essential base for the Whistleblower Movement in Asia because there are nearly a million Chinese in Japan. This is a strategic place for the Whistleblower Movement, important for our G-series, the dissemination of news, and the rescue and support of fellow fighters prosecuted in China.  At the time, I repeatedly said that Japan would definitely stand with us. It is not an understatement to say that the US-Japan relationship could not be what it is today without our Whistleblower Movement, and the New Federal State of China (NFSC). You will know in the future. 

Everything that Japan does is based on intelligence. Japan will not make any decision without sufficient intelligence support. There are very few official exchanges between Japan and the United States. The contacts between the two countries are mainly private. Japanese people are not good at proactively engaging in relations, and as a result Japan is not very good at dealing with the United States. Look what a bad job Abe did during his administration. How terrible it was. But the NFSC can help Japan because we have vast resources and irreplaceable intelligence capabilities to help Japan make decisions. 

Also, in the future, you will see that countries that are as important to the CCP as Japan will openly turn on the CCP one after another. Look at brother-7’s tricks. We ask these countries to choose between two options: follow the CCP and be led straight to the crematorium, or follow the NFSC and be led to infinite sunshine and future. This is who we are. Want sunshine? Come to the NFSC. Want to enter the crematorium? Go to the CCP. This is what we told them.

Last night someone from another country talked with me. He definitely will be the next head of state of his country. He is a good buddy of the current head of state. He said very clearly: “Miles, we have believed you for a few years now. But we have to get some money back from the CCP. We are just making use of the CCP. We can’t help it when the United States bullies us. But in the end, we must be an ally to the US.” 

Just like the two crooks who are sentenced by the court now, right? We must let the world know who manipulated the Wall Street Journal report, which said I was a spy. Look here (pointing at the TV), Elliott Broidy gave him the money, so how did Broidy get the money? If it came from the CCP, then everyone knows the consequence of the law. Don’t be obsessed with President Trump. The attorney general that President Trump was going to appoint was the person who attacked us on behalf of these two scammers. And Elliott Broidy is President Trump’s buddy.

So don’t get confused, fellow fighters. If you love the wrong thing, you will regret it a lot all your life. If you hate the wrong thing, you will regret it a lot all your life. So, we should not make mistakes on what to love or hate. Love and hate are feelings. They are not truth or charity. Do you understand, brothers and sisters?

Today I have a piece of breaking news, a bombshell breaking news. Remember, on April 21st brother-7 broke this news to you. I’m here to reveal it for the first time. Everyone remembers that today is the important court day of the Southern District case. I saw David, our brother. He spoke a lot. This American really looked at the issue differently than us. He felt that the United States was seriously humiliated. 

Everyone, hold your breath now. Brother-7 will break the big news. Are you ready?  Hey, you are not ready, you are not prepared, you are not serious, and you are not sitting properly. Yes, sit tight.

Brothers and sisters, today I have bombshell news: The CCP virus is undoubtedly the CCP’s biochemical weapon. Right? In addition, there can never be a vaccine. All the vaccines are fake. Because before you figure out whether the virus is a biochemical weapon or from nature, how could you have a vaccine? Humans have never developed any vaccine in just 60 days or 6 months. 

So, if vaccines don’t work, then is there a cure for the virus? Now the answer is yes. Our scientists, intelligence sources from China, and our friend in Europe clearly told us: “The CCP has an antidote. The vaccines are fake and harmful. Whoever asks others to be vaccinated, whoever forces the vaccines on others is committing a crime and is a murderer. But the CCP does have an antidote. Cure, Cure, Cure”

What is the antidote? The CCP controls the destiny of our humanity. Yesterday I told some people formally. I said: “If you believe me, let me assure you with my life, if you want to live, just ask the CCP for the antidote. The CCP had already made the antidote while developing this biological weapon. And don’t ask for a vaccine.” They had a rude awakening, “Oh! I understand, Miles, I understand. There is no vaccine. There will never be a vaccine because it is a biochemical weapon. But the CCP has an antidote.”

This is the truth that brother-7 breaks to you today. If you want to live, ask the CCP for an antidote, an antidote, an antidote. I am not instigating discord or talking nonsense. I am willing to take all responsibility. The CCP has an antidote. If you want to live, ask the CCP for a cure, cure, cure. There can never be a vaccine. Remember what I said today.

Don’t let Lude hear this. Lude will start bombshell breaking news again if he hears this. He is now entangled in analysis and logic. But this is the bombshell. Lude should know that this is bombshell news. Brothers and sisters, the CCP has an antidote. I got 100% intelligence. All the people in the CCP wearing masks are the people who the CCP does not trusts. People who the CCP trusts have been given the antidote. People whom the CCP doesn’t trust are asked to continue to wear masks. Because if the CCP tells you that there is an antidote, you will give this secret away. On the other hand, this also proves that the CCP has created a biochemical virus.

This is the CCP. Only a few people who are seated on the podium have an antidote. The 99.9% of the CCP members under the podium will not get the antidote. As long as you wear a mask, whoever wears a mask is not trusted by the CCP. “Nutty Xi” wears a mask when he goes out. That is just a show. In most cases, they don’t wear masks. Those who don’t wear masks have the antidote, and those who wear masks are untrusted because you don’t have the antidote.

Thank you. We will discuss it later.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm (TING GUO)