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Melbourne is the capital and largest city of the Australian state of Victoria and the second-most populous city in Australia, and is known as the “cultural capital of Australia”. This world-class liveable city has a large number of Chinese immigrants, but unfortunately, the flag of the New Federal State of China has never flown high over this beautiful piece of land.

Not until the historical moment of April 18, 2021, people from the New Federal State of China unexpectedly stood in front of the Chinese Communist Embassy, and Consulate in Melbourne with banners held high and a roar of anger:

CCP(the Chinese Communist Party)  Lied, Australian Died;

Take down the CCP!

Who made the virus?CCP!

Who released the virus?CCP!

Who is killing Australians?CCP!

Four years ago, on the eve of the “419 cut-off”, Mr. Guo Wengui was interviewed by the Voice of America and revealed shocking information about Wang Qishan and other kleptocrats of China. The interview Interrupted repeatedly by the CCP, the Voice of America eventually went so far as to cut off the broadcast midway. The Voice of America, which once carried the light of human civilization, has been degraded to wearing the same pants as the CCP.

This caused an uproar in the media worldwide and attracted more people looking for the truth. From that day on, more and more people worldwide began to pay attention to Mr. Guo and the Whistleblowers’ Movement led by him. For four years now, more and more of our fellow fighters have been inspired by justice and are actively engaged in the most significant cause of humanity – Take down the CCP!

In July 2020, the Whistleblowers’ Movement had planned to hold a large demonstration in many places in Australia. However, due to the release of the CCP biochemical virus, Melbourne was ravaged by the CCP virus and turned into lockdown several times. As a result, Melbourne 727 demonstration was not approved, and the anger of comrades has been held for nearly a year.

Mr. Guo laughingly talked about “the rise of Yang energy after Qingming” in his live broadcast in recent days. Although Melbourne is located in the southern hemisphere and will soon enter the winter season, the fellow fighters were in high spirits. They gathered on April 18 to fire the first shot of the official offline activities. There were 16 fellow fighters from different farms who stood neatly in front of the CCP Embassy and Consulate in Melbourne to hold a protest.

The Consulate General of the CCP in Melbourne is located in Toorak. Toorak Road is a major traffic artery, and there was a large number of vehicles passing by during the demonstration. Our fellow fighters felt the support of the Australian people.

Some drivers gave us a thumbs up; some drivers slowed down their speed. Our fellow fighters held the propaganda photos higher so that people passing by could see them more clearly. Even the police passing by gave us a thumbs up, while the CCP Embassy and Consulate doors were closed the whole time, and no one showed up.

Today’s first shot fired by the Melbourne Frontline Warriors is just a small preview and a small warning to the Chinese Communist Party. Waves of protests by the people of the New Federal State of China will be coming to Melbourne in the coming days.

As Athena Farm Giselle wrote in the article “Sending words to all the fellow fighters of the Himalayan Australian Athena Farm”:

Dear fellow fighters,

In fact, in the heart of our Whistleblowers’ Movement fighters, lives an Athena, inspiring us, guiding us, to fight, to act! Athena is the embodiment of justice and courage; Athena represents wisdom and battle …… As Mr. Guo once said, every one of our fighters has the potential to be the one to deliver Athena’s hope.

Dear fellow fighters,  join us and take action because taking down the Chinese Communist Party is the need of justice!

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