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On April 21, 2021, Miles Guo, the renowned whistleblower released a passionate video stating, “Without any doubt, the virus is a Communist Chinese Party (“CCP”) bioweapon.”  Guo also stated that “there won’t be any vaccine ever,” and “all these vaccines are fake.”  In the video, he pointed out correctly, that in human history, no vaccine has ever been produced in sixty days (as the vaccine from China was produced) or six months (which is roughly what the United States vaccines were developed in). It is noteworthy that after over more than 30 years, millions of deaths, and a worldwide scourge, and despite numerous efforts and untold financial expenditures, there is still no vaccine for AIDS, and there are no vaccines for the common cold, SARS, and many other viruses. 

Guo went on to add that the vaccine producers still haven’t even ascertained for themselves whether this virus is a bioweapon or natural, so “how could they have any vaccine for the virus?”  Guo also stated that he has reliable information from sources inside CCP China, that the CCP already has an antidote (antiviral) for the virus, which is kept secret and is controlled by only a few top leaders!  Of course, it is no surprise that the CCP must have developed an antiviral for themselves in connection with the development of a bioweapon, especially one that was first unleashed in CCP China.  This explains why none of the CCP’s top leaders contracted the virus, while many political leaders around the world, including former President Trump, have been infected. 

While all of this seems unbelievable to ordinary Americans who are either confused by the COVID mess or by the political propaganda, it is clear that the development of a bioweapon is totally within the purview of the CCP.   They seek to be the world’s superpower by engaging in unacceptable hostile activities such as genocide, forced organ transplants, seizing Hong Kong by force in violation of its treaty, expansion, and hostilities in the South China Sea, its espionage and infiltration in the United States (government, education, media, politics) and the world, influence in United States business policy with their economic might, theft of technology and intellectual property in myriad ways, exertion of power through the one belt one road policy, and others. 

Guo also said in the video that an antiviral was developed at the same time that the virus was developed.  The CCP has an antiviral and keeping it to themselves through the pandemic would show planned malice and an act of war against the civilized world.  Guo asserts that he stands behind his statements as reliable. 

Many that are unaware of the goals and policies of the CCP will find this hard to believe.  It is certain that, out of blindness, corruption, or political expediency, the mass media will ignore these warnings and continue with the media campaign to vaccinate while being unable or unwilling to provide real answers as to the source and the truth of COVID-19.

Editor: Sheng Mu Yuan Zhong Sheng  | Reviewer: Xiaoxin

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